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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Larissa dos Santos Lima Bullied Online

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers find that today has been a very  tough day for Larissa dos Santos Lima and she wanted to express it on her Instagram account. The Brazilian beauty made a rather lengthy about online bullying and her fans are shocked!

It seems that she got harassed by some of her followers about her many plastic surgeries and she wanted to set the record straight about her feelings and how it is never alright to do this to people.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Larissa Opens Up

Larissa posted, “Today has been one of the worst days of virtual bullying for me. This not make me afraid, I will still posting my pictures, talking about my procedures and earning my money the way I choose live my life and the way I choose change or not my body. Never have I received so much hatred, the majority from women. Thank God and God bless America, as the people I have met personally have been welcoming and wonderful. The fans I meet when shopping or at the gym are so pleasant and excited to approach me. I do not condemn all the women. One in the public eye has to grow a thick skin, but the constant bully against the cast members will push someone to the brink one day that he or she can no longer take it. I hope the network will become proactive with current and future immigrant cast member’s protection. I brought a lot of viewers in every Sunday night and got little in return. I pray the others don’t ever feel like I feel today.”

It looks like the post that she made a few days ago, about getting ab surgery, is the one that really had some people throwing shade her way. In that post, she shared a video of herself and telling her fans that her new abs are totally worth it.

This video has been taken down and that is what led many fans to believe she had gotten backlash from it. The video was all about how you don’t need to work out if you have these abs. Of course, not everyone can afford $50,000 abs, so you can imagine the backlash it received.

It is never OK to virtually bully anyone. If you don’t have anything in common with them, stop following them. If you only follow them for gossip, keep your mouth (or your keyboard) shut. Larissa is still a human being, no matter how many surgeries she’s had and we appreciate her coming out and sharing with fans what has happened to her lately.

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