’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Deavan Clegg and the horrible, heartbreaking rumor

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Deavan Clegg posted on her IG story detailing a horrible, heartbreaking rumor that is being spread about her.

As we all know, last season on The Other Way she and Jihoon had said that after the huge fight that they had had about Jihoon letting Drasilla get away from them that they had discovered that they were pregnant and were actually excited to welcome into the world the full brother or sister to baby Taeyang. Sadly however, their joy was not to be, because Deavan miscarried early on and she lost the baby.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Deavan Clegg and the horrible, heartbreaking rumor

Anyone who’s been in the world of social media and the internet for longer than five minutes knows that while it can be a pleasant place, it can also be home to a web of lies and conspiracy theories. Case in point, Deavan has learned that someone who claims to be a nurse is now saying that she aborted her baby and that allegedly, Jihoon Lee, the Father, is backing up this claim.

Now, we all know Jihoon has his shortcomings but I honestly don’t think that he would do anything this underhanded. I also don’t seriously think that Deavan would choose to terminate her pregnancy.

But let’s do a bit of digging. Now, sometimes when one has a miscarriage, it happens naturally at home, sometimes when one is farther along and things are more difficult, the woman has to go to the hospital and they have to do procedures in order to help the woman be able to pass the already non-viable fetus out of her body.

One of these procedures is a surgical procedure called a D&C where a doctor has to surgically remove the fetus. Keep in mind, when the doctor does this it has already been verified that this fetus is no longer alive and has stopped growing, and would not ever survive outside of the womb.

This is not an abortion, do not let anyone convince you that it is. If someone is shaming Deavan for having a non-viable fetus removed, then they need to get their head examined. If this were a real, actual medical professional in an actual medical field, they would know this, anyone can claim to be a medical professional online in order to spread lies and in order to get their own 15 minutes of fame.

Also, I’m not sure about Korean law, but I am pretty sure that it’s at the very least frowned upon to discuss a patient’s medical history with anyone except the patient themselves, their next of kin, and the doctor who happens to be treating that patient.

Also, considering TLC’s demographic and the fact that they’ve been known to bring to the table a lot of Quiverfull family content, does it seriously make any sense that anyone on their casting roster would choose to terminate a pregnancy early?

I simply don’t think so.  Whomever this is, is trying to shame Deavan for having a tragedy happen to her, they’re trying to take her down simply for the purpose of taking her down and making her look bad – why exactly? Why not, it’s a low blow and an easy target.

This is a kind of shame that no woman needs to go through, miscarriages happen, statistically, they happen more than successful births, let’s not stoop to shaming a woman over something that they can’t help.

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