’90 Day Diaries’: Larissa dos Santos Lima and Eric Nichols Update

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Larissa dos Santos Lima may be fired from TLC, but that hasn’t stopped her and Eric Nichols from showing a touch of their life on 90 Day Diaries on the new discovery+ streaming service.

90 Day Diaries follows 90 Day Fiance couples now that they are moving on from the show and living their lives. The newest spoiler that we have seen for 90 Day Diaries features Eric and Larissa talking about how she wants another breast augmentation surgery and he tells her that he will not pay for it.

’90 Day Diaries’ Spoilers: Larissa Wants More Surgeries

Larissa has an addiction to changing her body and she has told fans this before. She wants even larger breasts even though she has already had them enhanced and she just healed from a surgery.

She tells cameras, “My goal is to change my boobs again to get bigger.” Eric tells cameras, “The fact that she just got her boobs done and wants to get them done again, to me is, not economical.” We see Eric taking care of Larissa after her nose surgery and he even feeds her in this scene. He talks about how much he has had to drop just to take care of her after her surgeries. He mentioned to her that none of her friends even came to help out.

In a very dramatic scene in their kitchen, Eric tells Larissa, “Let’s stick that fork in the road right now. And we can find our way away from one another.” Keep in mind, these videos were from before Larissa was fired from TLC and even before the couple moved to Colorado together. Larissa keeps pushing him about the surgery and there is a point in their conversation where he asks her what he it would feel like if all he did was talk to her about surgeries.

Eric clearly is done funding all of her plastic surgeries, but she still continues to push the issue with him. As we follow her Instagram, we can see that she has made a lot of changes to her body and some fans think that she is really going too far with it.

There are others who think that she just needs to take the money she makes and send it to her children or try to get full custody and bring them over to the states so she can work on being a mother first and a sex symbol some other time.

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