‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: The neck that turns the head

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers indicate that Ethan said goodbye to his siblings, he effectively had it out with his parents. No, it wasn’t a knock-down, drag-out, screaming match but it was intense in that quiet, southern “church-going” people way. Isaac tried to be the voice of reason, telling Kim that she and Barry were just making things worse.

(Props to Isaac, he knew the drill.) Ethan cut it off right there, he said that if it was just going to be a big deal for Olivia to say goodbye to the siblings with him then he just wasn’t going to bring her over there but he said that he felt that it was Kim’s call. Kim being the ever-so-submissive wife that she is said that it was Barry’s call, to which Ethan replied:

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: The neck that turns the head

“You’re the neck that turns his head, and we all know that’s how it’s always been.”Excellent shade, Ethan. Wow someone took a level in snark!

Isaac tried to cope with it as best he knew how “Say something positive about each other. Make up.” poor little guy, he can’t handle what he doesn’t have the tools to deal with. It’s pretty clear that they didn’t give him an emotional toolbox to deal with anything either, he doesn’t understand. Barry told Ethan he loved him, “But” and that was a really big but, Ethan wasn’t having it.

He said that it was nice to hear that his Dad loved him but he didn’t like the way he talked about Olivia behind their backs. That was when Barry decided to try and go talk to Olivia anyway but Ethan stood in front of him and wouldn’t let him, it was Isaac that finally called those two down.

Ethan made the decision to ultimately not include Olivia in the goodbye scene between him and his siblings, because Kim and Barry wouldn’t leave well enough alone and wouldn’t let them just say goodbye on their own. Lydia was visibly upset but Kim didn’t seem to get upset until Ethan was halfway up the driveway and then she let loose.

Ethan seemed to be sort of okay with walking away though, there was no looking back, no loss o resolve, not even when Kim started sobbing in what sounded like sheer frustration.

Barry said that it hurt to hear that Ethan thought that he was his adversary, but how else do you think of someone who thinks that you’re living in bondage? And is that really Barry’s opinion or is it Kim’s opinion? What do they actually want out of their adult children?

Because they give conflicting messages. First they want them to be out of the house and independant by the age of 18 but then they want them to live in lock-step with their idealogy until… when? When do they get to live their own lives and live by their own rules? Stay tuned!!!

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