‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Dale Moss was NOT there for the right reasons!

‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers find that Dale Moss may have had ulterior motives for going on Season 16 of the Bachelorette and meeting Clare Crawley. Or, in Bachelor Nation speak: he was not there for the right reasons.

After the break-up between Clare and Dale that (didn’t) shock the nation, Dale was found spouting the usual party line we often get post “celebrity” split. A PR dreamy story of the couple coming together and deciding on a mutual separation, wanting the best things and still holding a lot of love for one another was told by Dale with a throwaway, “Clare and I will be cool.”

‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Dale Moss was NOT there for the right reasons.

More like cold as ice. The cordial spin on the split came to a screeching halt within 48 hours, when Clare posted her side on Instagram post. It sounds a little different to Dale’s tales. As in, the complete opposite.


Clare’s camp hasn’t been shy to admit that her friends were never fully convinced of Dale’s intentions and believe the split is the best thing for the hairstylist with a teeny waistline but a huge heart.

So how did we go from a Bachelorette being so sure about her beau that she bucked the advances of 30 other men and broke her contract as the star of Season 16 Bachelorette to this?

Dale has been accused of many things in the days since the split. Infidelity has been a big one, which his ‘close sources’ hotly deny. A less sensational, but more likely scenario is that Dale is simply a fame whore. He came into the show with the intentions of boosting his modelling career and acquiring sponsorships and a hefty social media following. Sounds all too familiar, right?

Lucky for Dale, he had a leg up when it came to capitalizing on all his desires. Clare is well known. Clare made her intentions well known. She was chomping at the bit to to meet the bevy of men chosen for her and then the pandemic halted filming. This is when Dale had all the time in the world to learn every little thing he could about Clare in an effort to be “her perfect man”.

His face and abs didn’t hurt in his mission to bowl Clare over, and when you have a man like Dale saying all the right things at all the right times, no one could blame Clare for calling it chemistry. Sure, a faker can only fake something as inexplicable as chemistry for so long, but instead of Clare giving Dale’s strategy the time (and rolling cameras) to be exposed, she jumped into an engagement with a yes man.

And then the ‘yeses’ stopped. Dale refused to move to Sacramento and didn’t seem quite as excited as Clare as she screamed about having babies all over their interview with long time Bachelor host Chris Harrison. And so the relationship, built on a house of cards has, inevitably, come tumbling down.

So, though Clare is “completely devastated” post this fresh break-up, she will come out okay on the other side. It’s just too bad she couldn’t keep the 4.5 carat rock. That sure would have consoled me!

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