‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Is Chris Harrison Quitting the Show?

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‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that there have been many rumors circulating ever since Bachelor Nation host, Chris Harrison moved to Texas. Many fans of the show think that he will eventually retire from hosting to focus more on his family and taking care of the new home in Texas.

On December 29, he packed up and moved to Austin with the family. He has been hosting the Bachelor Nation shows since 2002 and some fans think that the 49-year old may be on his way out.

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Harrison and his family moved from Los Angeles to Austin and fans were quick to get the rumors going. Twitter users were going crazy when the announcement was made. One wrote, “I really hope he doesn’t leave because I love Chris Harrison but the only acceptable replacement would be Wells Adams.”

Another wrote, “I simply will not be okay with Chris Harrison leaving bachelor nation ever.” More and more fans continued to post. Another wrote, “I’ve only watched one season of the Bachelor, but even I know Chris Harrison can’t leave that show. He’s the heart and soul.”

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Is Chris Harrison Quitting the Show?

Some fans were really thrown off when Harrison wasn’t around for the filming of the Bachelorette. He let JoJo Fletcher take the helm and host it for him while he dropped off his son at college.

His son is attending college in Texas so this could be the main reason that he moved there. Fletcher did love hosting the show and some fans really warmed up to her, but it wasn’t like having Harrison there though.

Fletcher told fans, “I just went in there and tried to make them proud and not ruin The Bachelorette.. I was never going to go in there and try to be Chris. I was going to try and help him out. And you know, do as best as I can. But I was definitely nervous. I don’t know why, like, Chris is the greatest of all time. So yeah, it was stressful, but a lot of fun.”

Overall the feeling about JoJo was that she handled the hosting duties really well and she was well received by the fans of the show.

We do hope that Harrison’s move doesn’t mean that he is done with Bachelor Nation. He has helped to build the brand as we all know it today. If you want to find out more updates on him and the shows, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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