ABC The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison Gets Backlash for BLM (Black Lives Matter) Post

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ spoilers finds that with all of the unrest happening in the states right now, it has been tough for a lot of celebrities to speak their minds. Chris Harrison, host of the Bachelor series, has found himself in a lot of hot water lately. Rachel Lindsay, former cast member of the show and the only black lead in any season of the show, called out Harrison for blaming lack of diversity on casting calls and diverse cast members just not coming out to audition. The lack of diversity on the show has been an issue time and time again and Harrison is continuing to get backlash. On June 2, he also got a lot of negative feedback on his Black Lives Matter post.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Blackout Tuesday Post For Harrison

Many of us participated in the Blackout Tuesday on social media. Harrison was one of the millions. Harrison posted a black square on his Instagram and captioned it, “#blackouttuesday #ripgeorgefloyd.” Fans of the show started in on him quick. “This is all your have to say? It’s a shame it took this long to hear from you. However, you need to say more. This just makes you look like you want to save face.” There were fans that wrote on his post that there needs to be a black bachelor and some even asked him to show them who/what he was supporting on Black Out Tuesday.

ABC ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Chris Harrison Gets Backlash for BLM Post

It didn’t stop there though. One fan wrote, “You wrote more about your steak in the last post than about what has been happening in the last week.” Fans are constantly asking Harrison when there will be a black lead on the show. In 2015, he spoke out for the first time about having diversity on the show, “At the same time, we’re also-we have a job to do. Because we have hundreds and thousands of people trying to work. So what justice are we doing to anybody by taking a great social stand, and then five months later, going, ‘Ok, that was great, nobody watched the show. Advertisers have to buy this show. Advertisers have to buy the next season of the show. I need millions of people to want to watch this show. So I need to put on people that others want to watch.”

Fans of the show have explained to Harrison that his answers about diversity are “tone-deaf and racist.” One fan posted, “I think to be a truly ethical and woke company, you need to sometimes make decisions that might affect your bottom line, but are simply the right thing to do.”

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