‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Cassie Randolph won’t let Colton Underwood’s tell-all book get her down.

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that Cassie just wants to move on, now matter how hard ex Colton is making it. Colton is set to release a new chapter of his book The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV.

This chapter, which comes almost a year after the book’s initial release, details how the then couple dealt with Colton contracting Covid-19, their experience quarantining with Cassie’s family and the details of what ultimately led to their split.

An excerpt of the chapter highlights how Colton was blindsided by Cassie’s discontent in their relationship: “After more than a month of being cooped up in her family’s home, both of us were feeling overwhelmed and smothered and eager to return to our respective apartments where we could enjoy our own space,” Underwood writes. “Before we left, though, she took me aside and told me she was struggling with everything in our relationship and didn’t know what to do. My head spun like one of those characters in a cartoon. What? She was struggling with everything?”

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Cassie Randolph won’t let Colton Underwood’s tell-all book get her down.

While Cassie reportedly read and signed off on the new chapter before its release, she would really rather just move on.

Grad school is garnering most of Cassie’s attention these days. Men, including her ex and his going-ons, are not at the forefront of her mind. Reportedly exhausted from dealing with Colton’s side of things, Cassie has chosen to not give any comment on this new chapter release.

Colton and Cassie got together but not engaged at the end of Season 23 of ABC’s The Bachelor. Cassie had previously left the show on her own accord, saying she wasn’t sure she wanted a relationship.

Colton wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer but it seems Cassie should have stuck to her guns. The demise of their relationship was a messy one, starting with accusations of monetizing the break-up being lobbed on social media. Things only got worse from there.

A restraining order was put in place after Cassie accused her ex of sending unsettling texts, placing a tracking device on her car and taking “obsessive” walks to her family home and apartment at all hours of the night.

The order was eventually been dropped but I guess stalking and tell-all books are what happens when you swipe a 26 year old man’s V-card!

For those who want the whole story, the new chapter will be included in the paperback release of The First Time which will be available in November.

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