‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Is A Baby In Amani & Woody Randall’s Future? MAFS

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In the world of Married at First Sight, we met Amani and Woody Randall in the New Orleans season of the show. They were married after just meeting one another and their relationship is going strong.

When the couples from Married at First Sight make things work, we always want them to build their family and have children, but not all of them want to. Amani and Woody took to social media to tease that they may have a new member of their family.

‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Christmas Celebrations

This is the first Christmas that Amani and Woody have spent together. They were overjoyed and with the pandemic among us still, they stayed home to be together to keep things low key.

They did some holiday shopping and they took a big step and went to find a Christmas tree and decorated it together. They shared these photos on social media and their fans loved it!

‘Married at First Sight’ Spoilers: Is A Baby In Their Future?

The couple loved showing their fans their new Christmas traditions as a couple, but in their pictures, they added some hints that made fans think that they may be having a baby!

Little did fans know, Woody was just hinting that they may have gotten a dog! It turns out that it was a toy and fans still had a lot of questions for them.

Their fans are curious if they do want to start having children now that they are happily married. The couple has told fans that there are many new things on the horizon for them and they aren’t quite sure what will be next.

They have started a new YouTube channel where they answer the questions of their fans. They have made a name for themselves and they really have gained a lot of new fans. They never thought that being on the show would do this for them, but they are enjoying it so far.

Amani and Woody really are looking forward to getting a dog soon and they think that kids could be part of their life soon, but they aren’t quite sure when.

Amani told fans that they need some time to get to know one another better and then they will consider starting to make babies. They love where their lives have taken them so far and they are pretty happy together.

You can catch them on their YouTube channel, where they open up to their fans pretty frequently.

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