Britney Spears Cuts Her Hair As She Heads To Court To End the Conservatorship By Her Father Jamie Spears

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A long time ago, Coco Chanel coined a phrase, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.” one can’t help but think that maybe Britney Spears was thinking of that quote when she posted on her IG about cutting her hair on the same day as her court date to end her conservatorship, or at least have it transfer out of the hands of her Father.

But the court date got pushed back because Samuel Ingham, Britney’s attorney asked for 120 day discovery phase to see what is actually going on with Britney’s finances, and the court docket has completely changed.

Britney cuts her hair

Samuel Ingham wants to know why so much money is being paid to Lou M. Taylor, AKA Tr-Star, especially if she claims to be no longer a part of Britney’s team. He also wants to know why Britney’s Father, Jamie Spears, has not once paid his daughter rent for living in the same house as she does, and finally he wants to know what is being done with all of her actual invested money, considering there’s allegedly $50M there, and no one can actually account for a lot of it.

He’s asking the important questions, but we wonder if he’ll actually get the answers that he needs to pursue this case fully.

Britney’s Father, Jamie Spears already has a rebuttal to this case but he does not want to drag out the court date further than Jan. 15th, Britney’s Dad also accused Ingham of overstepping his bounds as an attorney by speaking to Britney’s medical team and talking to Jodi Montgomery her temporary conservator.

He also claims that Ingham is keeping Britney from speaking directly to him. However, in the past Brtiney has claimed that she is scared of her Father so of Ingham is suggesting that she not speak to him then he’s just doing his job as an attorney, no attorney worth their salt wants their client harassed, not even by family members. One could see where that would get tedious with Britney and her Father living in the same house, though.

There is also the matter that Lou M. Taylor sued a blogger Russ August and Kavat for trying to spread the word about how Britney’s conservatorship was wrong and how much she was being controlled bakc in 2018 and that some of the hefty $500K a year that Tr-Star, AKA, Taylor, is charging, is charging, to finance that.

Britney’s Father maintains that Ti-Star is worth the money and that there should be no question about that, but, is she? Really? We’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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