Is Youtuber Jeffree Star Moving to Wyoming?

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Jeffree Star has continued to shock and surprise us all. With his purchase of his $14 million mansion in Hidden Hills, that he has made into his own Barbie dream house, he just made another shocking purchase. He has bought a house in Wyoming. Does this mean that he will be moving there? What about California? Is he running away from his legal problems? Inquiring minds want to know.

Youtuber Jeffree Star: The Move That Didn’t Happen

All the way back in August of 2020, Jeffree tweeted that he had purchased a home in Wyoming. He posted, “I’m flying to Wyoming right now and can’t wait to have a second home out here soon!”

Then he showed his fans some photos on Instagram and wrote, “I’ll’ be looking at some really cool ranches with a lot of acres and silence. And miles and miles away from anyone, for myself.

Youtuber Jeffree Star: Is He Moving to Wyoming

So, yes b***h, Jeffree Lynn is coming to Wyoming.” Many of his fans were happy that he was finally getting a chance to get away and enjoy some time for himself, but there are others who think that he was just running away from California to start a new life due to legal issues.

He continued, “I think 2020 has been so crazy. It definitely opened up so many new chapters and things that, maybe, I was not ready to do. But b***h I’m ready. I’ll always be a Californian. Honey, it’s time to expand my wings and have a little more solidarity.”

A week after he made this trip, he told his fans that he was going to be living part-time on the Star Ranch and he was going to write a book about his life. He also mentioned that he could concentrate better on his new cosmetics while he was there as well.

Many think that this move has motives other than writing a book. He has posted about flying out to Wyoming to enjoy some snow. He also went to get his driver’s license in Wyoming and many people think that this could mean he is selling his properties in California.

Others think that he is just ready to fit in with the locals. When he posted his picture, he wrote, “For everyone wondering, I’m never gonna leave HIdden Hills! I just bought a home in Wyoming with a lot of land for my family and I. Going to split my time between California and here.”

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