Is Youtuber Jake Paul Reuniting With Alissa Violet? 

If you’ve hung around youtube long enough, you’ll know that Jake Paul used to be involved with fellow youtuber Alissa Violet.

In 2017 things got ugly between them because Alissa released a whole video with the tea about Jake Paul saying that not only was he with her but he was with dozens of other girls at the same time and he would basically treat her like crap the entire time while he went and got with all of these other girls.

Eventually things got so bad at they split and Alissa ended up eventually doing a diss track (anyone remember those?) with Ricegum about him called “it’s every night, sis.” (I don’t know about you, but I laughed.)

Youtube: Jake Paul reuniting with Alissa Violet? 

Now Jake has posted pictures of a facetime call between him and Alyssa Violet with the caption ‘my lil’ shawty mad’ along with shouting out her name, much to the mystification of fans everywhere.

However in response to this, Alissa posted a gif to her own IG story with a gif of Paris HIlton saying “I’ll throw up.” meaning, at the implication of her and Jake being back together. @Keemstar messaged her with said screenshots asking her about the call, and she said that Jake was “trying to hang” but that she quickly told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

However a few fans had screenshotted a ‘most recent calls’ list and said that she was lying about him calling her first because it looked like she had called him. In Alissa’s defense there are reasons why she could be calling Jake that would have nothing to do with anything romantic.

She could have been looking for a long ago item that she left at the Team 10 house before they split, or maybe there’s some sort of bill that they have in their name, or perhaps they share a netflix password and he changed it or something.

Just because someone calls a person doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always for a hookup. The fans don’t look like they’re buying it though, and we’re really not sure that this is the last we’ve seen of Jake and Alissa sliding into each other’s DM’s, honestly, it’s probably not. Either way we here at DSD will keep you updated. Stay tuned!!!

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