’90 Day Journey’ Spoilers: Colt Johnson is Excited To Share Big News About Vanessa Guerra

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’90 Day Journey’ spoilers find that with the release of the new streaming service, discovery+, many fans of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé are excited to see some new spin off shows. One of these shows is 90 Day Journey. This show will feature some couples from previous seasons and follow them on their journey to find the love of their life.

One of the couples that will be featured on the show is Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra. He is incredibly excited about being on the show and ready to share with fans just what is in store.

’90 Day Journey’ Spoilers: Colt’s Story

Colt and his mother are very close and many fans of 90 Day Fiancé think that is part of the reason that his relationships have all failed. When he was first on the show, he was dating Larissa dos Santos Lima. The couple married and had a very rocky marriage that ended just as quickly as it began.

He went through a lot of women during his time on the show and finally has found one that has always been in his life, but now they have moved closer together. Vanessa. She has always been his best friend, he helped her through a divorce, and now, it seems that they are engaged.

’90 Day Journey’ Spoilers: Colt Johnson is Excited

There will be 30 couples on 90 Day Journey and Colt and Vanessa are just one of them. He has been promoting the show on his social media accounts and he just posted on Instagram about it.

The post features a picture of him and he captioned it, “I am super excited to finally watch the rise and fall and rise and fall of my previous relationships. How many episodes do you think I get? Only on discovery+, premiering January 4th.”

Colt has many followers that are happy to see him back on the show. One wrote to him, “Coltee, ditch this show and start your own. You and Mom are the best characters!” Another fan posted, “I’ve legit been wanting this forever!”

Many of his fans saw him with cameras following him and even pictures of an engagement surfaced. Does this mean he will marry Vanessa or was that all for show? Who knows what will happen when discovery+ starts to air the new spin off series, 90 Day Journey.

Be sure to get the discovery+ streaming service in January so you can be sure to follow all of the drama, the love, and the tears. You can also follow Colt on Instagram, where he has started to post regularly again.

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