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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: New Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio Update!

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers tells that in case you’re wondering about the couple Michael Jessen and Juliana Custudio of 90 day fiancé? Well apparently they are still going strong! People had early on accused Juliana and Michael of having a very Sugar Daddy/Trophy Wife relationship but it looks like there is a lot more substance to this couple than what was originally thought.

Sure, it’s easy to make assumptions when there’s a man if a certain age dating an attractive woman who is, at least physically, out of his league, but for now it looks like the couple have proven the naysayers wrong.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Remember Michael and Juliana Jessen? Still going strong!

There was also the lack of drama between Michael’s ex-wife, Sarah, and Juliana that baffled both haters and TLC producers alike. In fact, Michael ended up calling the producers out for causing drama that wasn’t there at all.

Sure, Sarah had some initial misgivings about Juliana hanging out with her kids but that was cleared up quickly because Juliana and Sarah are adults and perfectly capable of talking things out and reasoning things with each other so that’s cool.

Also, Sarah was just trying to be a good Mom and not oet her kids get emotionally hurt by anyone, and in the end we can’t fault her for that. If any of the haters thought that Sarah was going to third wheel herself into their relationship, they proved that wrong as well, because it seems that Sarah now has a new hubby of her own!

In a recent instagram post, Juliana shared how she pranked Sarah’s new husband when she prepared a traditionally Brazillian dish. Instead of telling Sarah’s new hubby that she had used USDA approved ground meat, she excitedly told him that she had specially prepared some ground worms and mixed it right in with the rice.

She even caught the moment she pranked Sarah’s new hubby on camera, I’m guessing it was so convincing because she herself had never prepared ground meat before so I don’t know what this guy was expecting but we have to tip our hats to Juliana for having an excellent sense of humor. Hey, it’s 2020, you only live once, might as well have a good time with it. Stay tuned!!!

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