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Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Parents make everything worse…


Univision Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal Bárbara Albarrán de Falcón (Daniela Romo) is blind as a bat when it comes to her son.

Meanwhile, it looks like Gemma Corona (Valentina Buzzurro) might just cause a huge problem for poor Dafne Falcón Miranda vda. de Ibarra (Julia Urbini), while Calixto Borjórquez (Tizoc Arroyo) makes another move. Let’s take a look at what happened, plus what’s up for tonight.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: “Hiding”

First, Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal Yolanda Enríquez (Gabriela Zas) is a fool. She knows Gemma was in a bad situation and she’s being hidden at Bárbara’s house. Yet, she came to see Gemma. S

he’s determined Gemma studies again, something with Gemma agrees with. She even asked Bárbara to give her the time at night to do it and Bárbara agreed. It’s nice Yolanda cares and all, but she’s causing a problem.

One, she almost blew Gemma’s cover more than once when she cam by. Two, she had a confrontation with Cuauhtémoc “Cuauh” Vargas (Alfredo Gatica) before getting Gemma’s new location. The idea she doesn’t seem to think he might follow her to find Gemma is odd to us.

And we definitely think this won’t be the last we see of the creep. In fact, we’re pretty sure he will show up at some point and expose at least some of what Gemma hides from her new boss/aunt. However, if he does something bad enough to Gemma, it could bring her and Bárbara together.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Complications

Speaking of possible problems, Dafne has one. She and Bárbara had a confrontation about the house situation. Dafne doesn’t believe Bárbara ever intended to sell. She just wanted to get Dafne out of the way. That’s basically what happened. However, Gemma learned some things about Dafne that she told Bárbara. This looks like a mess just waiting to happen.

See, the in-laws are posting videos online of their “poor missing nietos” and asking for help locating them. It’s hilarious how they think they have so many rights over those children and Dafne. But Bárbara will likely lead these people straight to Dafne.

After Gemma made some comments about in-laws, Bárbara decided to search Gemma’s room and found photos of Dafne with both her parents and the in-laws. We’re sure she’ll see the video and think she’s doing a “good” thing.

And by that, we mean having a convenient reason to toss the girl Barbara views as being an interloper with no rights. Poor Dafne might have a long fight ahead to free herself of these people.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Blinded

Finally, let’s talk about how blind Barbara is. Ariadna López Hernández’s (Claudia Álvarez) been a busy woman, given she has a lot to solve without Eduardo Falcón Albarrán’s (Juan Diego Covarrubias) help. These things led her to discover the lie about having money aside for an apartment.

She told Barbara about it after learning his parents took that mortgage out to help him. Obviously, Bárbara totally blew it off and acted like her son is the saintliest man ever. She has no idea how wrong she is.

Later, Ariadna also discovered her man actually got fired. For taking money from his job, and he only avoided jail by giving everything back. The lies keep piling up, and she’s not sure what to think right now. However, something tonight might open some eyes to the truth.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Tonight

Looking ahead, let’s see what the teasers reveal. Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal yet another woman in this family lucks out. Because Dafne will escape Calixto’s trap. However, Gemma will begin investigating Dafne. Likely at Barbara’s request.

Plus, we’ll see Álvaro Falcón Albarrán (David Zepeda) make the divorce official while Ariadna get a new job. Elsewhere, Dafne will be busy with something else. She gets new clues about the accident that killed Néstor Ibarra Bustos (Joshua Gutiérrez) and Bárbara will catch Eduardo kissing another woman.

At least, that’s what the teaser we found said. The promo makes it look like Ariadna might be the one. Either way, someone’s game might be over.

We can’t wait to see Bárbara’s reaction to this she sees it/learns about it. She’s been so high and mighty about her son, this will surely be a blow. Especially since her father and husband both cheated, so she’s extra sensitive about that.

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