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Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Will reading insanity ensues


Univision Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal the will reading kicked off Monday. And it was just as much of a disaster as you might think. Plus, we saw Eduardo Falcón Albarrán (Juan Diego Covarrubias) lie shamelessly while Gael Falcón Albarrán (Emmanuel Palomares) does his best to help Dafne Falcón Miranda vda. de Ibarra (Julia Urbini). Here’s what you need to know, plus what’s ahead.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Disaster

First, Vencer el desamor spoilers indicate Gael made a huge mistake. He feared his mother’s reaction too much, so the secret daughter stayed that way. Sure, he finally got through to his brothers and broke the news. But it wasn’t in time.

Their mother found out when Dafne showed up to the reading. Naturally, she freaked out. She went so far as to demand Dafne leave immediately. She didn’t believe the story, and felt this strange woman has no place here. However, the lawyer wouldn’t allow it.

He assured her this is, in fact, Joaquín Falcón Ruiz’s (José Elías Moreno) daughter and has every right to be there. Gael backed that up. Which, of course, just made Bárbara angrier. She couldn’t believe her own son knew and kept this from her.

So, it’s now a huge mess. Eduardo is in agreement with mom. Álvaro Falcón Albarrán (David Zepeda) thinks this girl has rights, and dad didn’t leave anything but the property. So, they have no choice but to fulfill his wishes and make sure the property gets divided between them all. We’ll see how this goes, because Barbara doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Shameless

Meanwhile, Eudardo is a hypocrite. He’s denying his half-sister basically, but he’s no better than dad. He lied to Bárbara and Ariadna López Hernández (Claudia Álvarez) about the job.

And he even put a huge guilt trip on Bárbara about wanting to make sure his family is taken care of while he’s out of the country. Supposedly to get them a better life. Right. More like escape stuff he can’t handle. And possibly make a secret heir of his own.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Helping hand

Getting back to that, there was a reason Dafne answered Gael’s call. After managing to get the police involved, she is out of the in-law’s house.

But her father-in-law is well-connected and she’s scared they’ll take her kids. So, that’s why she chose to attend the reading. Gael later checked in with her and assured her they’ll be fair and make sure Dafne gets what she deserves. He also helped another way.

She faked her baby having a fever before as a way to leave the in-laws. While Gael visited, the baby suddenly developed a real one. So, he helped her get to the hospital. We see a nice friendship ahead for them, and he’s definitely the best of the three sons. Even if Gael’s a chicken.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Abuse

Elsewhere, Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal Gemma Corona (Valentina Buzzurro) is miserable. Cuauhtémoc “Cuauh” Vargas (Alfredo Gatica) came home drunk and forced himself on her. She had some doubts about staying with him and tried to talk it over with Levita Corona (Claudia Ríos).

However, she didn’t see a big issue. It’s like she completely pimped her own kid out to an older man for money. Sure, it sounds like Gemma’s dad is sick, but it’s still weird. And Cuauh did it again later on, only sober. Now, this poor girl is a wreck and doesn’t know how to get out of this situation.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: Getting worse

And the secret gets worse. A strange man showed up at the house to ask all kinds of questions. He pretended to know about the recent death, figuring an older woman alone might want to see the big house.

Rightfully, Bárbara was a bit wary and made it clear she’s planning to stay put. And she’s well-cared for by her kids. This is just a fishing expedition that’s given these people more ammunition.

Univision Vencer El Desamor Spoilers: What’s next

Finally, let’s see what’s up for tonight’s episode. It looks like we’ll see Ariadna and Tadeo Falcón López (Iker García) in danger, thanks to Barbara and Joaquín’s secret. Someone named Calixto Borjórquez (Tizoc Arroyo) sets their sights on the pair.

Plus, Álvaro has a shock ahead. He learns Olga Collado’s (Altair Jarabo) been sleeping with another man. Ironic, considering his own father cheated and Álvaro was going on about how he’d never do something like that to his own wife.

Plus, we’ll see Dafne take legal action to make sure she gets her part of the inheritance. And considering what’s going on with her new baby, we don’t blame her. But it’s definitely bringing the drama tonight, because you know Bárbara will have a few things to say about this.

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