The Plaths Strict Dating Rules Revealed – Ethan, Micah, Moriah Plath Explain! ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers

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‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers reveal that poor Lydia won’t speak a word of her crush to anybody, in that household if you speak it, you’re halfway down the aisle! Olivia Plath revealed that things were so strict when she and Ethan were dating that they could only text each other once they got engaged, and they could only talk on the phone once for an hour every three months.

Yes, you read that right, every three months. For one hour. Olivia went on to say that that was the reason they got married so quickly, and so young, because they were tired of all the restrictions. She also said that at that time in their lives that their parents made all the dating decisions for them, and she finally conceded that that was not healthy.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: No kidding! 

No wonder Olivia and Ethan’s chemistry was  more like a couple who was just starting to date rather than a married couple. In season 1, they were basically just getting to know each other! I’m glad that both Ethan and Olivia are really working on their marriage because otherwise, this could have led to a really unhealthy relationship if they had kept up that kind of dynamic.

I’m glad that they are working to deconstruct that way of thinking and that the blinders have fallen off. I hope that if they do have kids in the future, they let them lead a more normal life.

Micah and Moriah even commented about how restrictive they were, saying that it almost came down to “no looking before marriage” sex before marriage was definitely a no, and true to Duggar style even kissing was off the table!

(Although, according to Lydia back in season 1, she said that she could tell that they had practiced kissing before they actually got married – ahem – the scandal!) Micah had a marshmallow toast to his new single life, which led to all sorts of revelations about his ex, namely that he was not ready for something as big as marriage. (He’s 19, give him time.)

Moriah talked about a saying she had heard that a strong woman can do it all by herself, but a good man won’t let her, and she makes an interesting point. Moriah says that she wants to move slowly in her own relationship, and that’s actually a really good, level-headed move on her part.

She says she doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that she saw her siblings make and that’s really mature for her age. I’m glad that she’s not so in love that she goes crazy over the first guy to give her attention. I’m rooting for all the elder Plath kids, no matter what they do. Stay tuned!!!

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