That 70’s Show Danny Masterson (Hyde) Accused of Forcibly Raping 3 Women, Case Goes Through!

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Danny Masterson, former star of That 70’s Show (he played Hyde), has been accused of forcibly raping 3 different women during his heyday between the years of 2001-2003. The women have just now come forward. Masterson’s attorney argued that there should be a statute of limitations involved, however, the crimes that Masterson is accused of carry a potential life-sentence. In that instance, there is no statute of limitations.

So why are we just now hearing about it?

The women say that this was because Masterson is a member of the church of scientology, as are two of his accusers, and the church of scientology got involved in the case long before law-enforcement did. The women allege that the church went so far as to mitigate the charges.

Danny Masterson rape case goes through

The thing is, this is where they screwed up because religion or no religion, the law is the law and the law should be obeyed no matter what. Masterson broke the law and he should have gotten punished long before this, but it seems as if the women were talked into clamming up about the entire incident.

By none other than the church itself. The thing is, this isn’t the first time a church has done this, in fact in Amish communities you see it a lot.

There was a headline recently about an 11 year old girl who was assaulted by her brother and 2 other older boys, and the thing is about the Amish communities is, they have the accuser go forward and ‘forgive’ their abusers, which is really, really damaging to the victims, especially if they have no sense of closure.

I think we can safely say that if the knowledge has been floating around for nearly 20 years, and these women are still affected by it, then no, they don’t have a sense of closure.

Did the church of scientology do the same to these women in a manner of speaking? One can only imagine what they went through, our hearts go out to the victims in this case, and we are only so glad that they finally get the chance to have their voices heard in a court of law, like it should have been, decades ago.

Will this be the next trial of the century? Since Masterson has already lawyered up with Michael Jackson’s former attorney, Thomas Mesereau, it could very well be. All will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!!!

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