Ryan Reynolds Shares Incredible Heart-Wrenching Story Of His WWII Veteran Grandfather For Veterans/Remembrance Day

Ryan Reynolds is often the guy you go to for a good laugh, but he had something different on his Instagram yesterday. Instead, he had a deep and compassionate story about his grandfather. After WWII ended, his grandfather gave his Mk2 helmet to his neighbor in Vancouver.
In 2018, all those years later, that neighbor, who was just a little boy then, contacted Reynolds saying he had something to give him, something that belonged to him. Take a look at the incredible story below.

“My grandfather was a guy who by all accounts, led a life of compassion, random acts of kindness and hard work. As a kid, he was homeless, yet managed to put himself through medical school, eventually becoming a doctor. If he saw someone with inadequate shoes, he bought them a new pair. He was always giving people stuff. But especially shoes. A holdover from his early winters spent freezing on the Canadian Prairies with hole-ridden leather boots.

When WWII ended, he gave his Mk2 helmet to his neighbour in Vancouver, a little kid from Germany named Harold. The boy and his parents kept in touch with my grandparents throughout the years, eventually losing touch in the early 60’s when the family moved back to Europe.

In 2018, I was contacted by a guy living in the Black Forest in Germany. He said he had something valuable to give me. Something that belonged to me. It so happened I was heading to Berlin on a press tour for Deadpool 2. If he was willing to drive seven hours to Berlin, I could definitely find time to meet him for coffee. His name was Harold and he was in his late seventies. He wanted to return my grandpa’s helmet. He wanted nothing in exchange.

He gave me another thing from my grandpa; a totally random, awesome and unexpected act of kindness. I never got to meet my grandfather because he died well before I was spat out into the world. I did get to meet Harold though. #CanadaRemembers #RememberanceDay 🇨🇦”

Ryan Reynolds Shares WWII Story About His Beloved Grandfather

After reading this story, I’m sitting here with goosebumps. These are the kind of stories we need to hear, and one that unifies everyone together to realize we’re all human. Something as simple as passing on a helmet that belongs to someone’s grandson can create a ripple effect. One act of compassion and kindness can begin to change the world.

What do you think? Can you believe this amazing story? Let us know in the comments below.

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