Ryan Reynolds’ New $500 Green Screen Ad For Mint Mobile Is a Must-Watch!

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Ryan Reynolds has been doing a lot for Mint Mobile since becoming the owner earlier this year. He’s routinely put out ads that look like he did them himself and are 100% better than any of the other corporate ads we see day after day.

Reynolds using his sense of humor and ingenuity to make them stand out and his newest one will have a flurry of internet buzz. His newest ad stands him in front of an unedited green screen as well as having the rest of the video on a green screen, making for some fun editing mayhem should someone want to.

Take a look at the ad below and look at all the green!

At Mint Mobile, we like saving money. Specifically, we like saving you money. Specificity is important, I think. #MintMobile

Ryan Reynolds’ New $500 Green Screen Ad – Who’s Going To Edit This Footage?

Fans and viewers of the ad commented on the video, “500 dollar for a greenscreen?? I better start making greenscreen footage I see”, “The CG looks fake you can totally see the green screen”, “God I love how self aware this man is.”, “This man just made me watch a commercial, and I hate commercials. He needs to be making all the commercials for everything.”, and “This man understands internet humor, take my money”.

Can you just picture all the different edits people are going to do with this video? Are you going to do one, or have the capability to? I may have to do one myself, how could I not?

What do you think? Are you going to edit this green screen video? Let us know in the comments below.

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