Joe Rogan Congratulates Emily Harrington On Unbelievable Physical Feat!

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Joe Rogan is no stranger when it comes to interviewing mountain climbers, having Alex Honnold on a few different times throughout his podcast history. Rogan has notably explained how nervous he gets just by talking about mountain climbing and how his hands clam up.

He’s often over the moon when listening to Honnold discuss his climbs and he understands the difficulty of the physical activity. Just yesterday, Emily Harrington was the first woman to free-climb the El Capitan route in one day. Rogan took to Instagram to congratulate her and wrote the following caption,

“Just looking at this picture makes my hands sweat. There are physical accomplishments that some people achieve that give me fuel. They make me appreciate what they have done, but they also give me an extra burst of energy that I can apply to anything I’m doing. This is certainly one of those accomplishments. Congratulations, @emilyaharrington, you’re a savage!”

Joe Rogan Congratulates Emily Harrington On Her Tremendous Physical Feat

It’s an incredible feat and being the first woman to free-climb it in one day is a tremendous achievement. People commented on the post, “Super cool”, “Sheer Spookiness”, “Holy S%^t, F&#king Savage! 🙌🏽🙌🏽”, and “She’s a bad ass – got injured last year attempting it – then this year smashed her head and continued.”.

You can follow Emily Harrington on Instagram and follow along with her amazing story!

What do you think? Can you believe what she did? Let us know in the comments below.

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