Donald Trump Calls A Premature Victory Over Joe Biden – Says “As Far As I’m Concerned, We Already Have Won”

Donald Trump already called a premature victory last night but to the surprise of many people. He explained that he was winning states that hadn’t been called yet and said that in his mind, they had already won. This was a foolish move by Trump and one that has led to much criticism, and rightly so. It’s not over until it’s over.

Trump was off to a good start, taking the advantage in key battleground states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, however, throughout the night as mail-ins were counted that leaned heavily towards Joe Biden, the numbers began to shift.

Now, in Michigan, Joe Biden has a slight lead over Trump, and while there’s a possibility, it looks like Biden has won it. This will make Trump’s path to victory nearly impossible, but, it isn’t over yet and there’s still a chance for some flips.

Donald Trump Calls A Premature Victory – Says “As Far As I’m Concerned, We Already Have Won”

While his premature victory speech is silly and has been mocked mercilessly, the biggest thing is it sounds like he will not let this go quietly into the night. In the video, he said he would take it to the Supreme Court. Of course, many have called him out as a sore loser and not letting go of the election.

What’s important to note is that we just got done with 4 years of this going the other way. Looking at this objectively, the Left opened this precedent for objection while they contested his first victory in 2016 all the way until now. If he does lose (and it looks like he will), people will be hypocrites for calling Trump out for contesting the election.

I try to look at this as objectively as I can, and the last four years has proven that if one side can contest an election as much as the Democrats have, it paved the way for the Republicans to do the same thing, and now we may get four more years of this crap the other way.

Whoever wins, wins. The votes are being counted and at the end of the day, a vast majority of our day to day lives will be unaffected. We’ll still get up, buy overpriced coffee and go on with our day. Let’s remember to be respectful and treat everyone with respect.

What do you think? Who do you think is going to win? Let us know in the comments below.

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