Donald Trump Goes WILD Dancing To The Village People’s YMCA, the Unofficial Gay Anthem – See Video Inside!

A new video encouraging people to get out and vote features Donald Trump dancing to YMCA. Trump is known for his dancing and wild antics at his rallies, and he’s been put to several pieces of music, even including some hard metal. Surprisingly, they can get it to line up pretty well and it can be quite hilarious.

Take a look at the video below that was edited to have Trump dance to YMCA.


President Donald Trump Awkwardly Dances To YMCA In New Video

His dance moves are sub-par, to say the least, and he moves like an un-oiled robot but it makes for some interesting content nonetheless. Most importantly, is the message to go vote. It’s election day, and it’s our duty to go out and vote. Whether you’re for the current President or want to go with Joe Biden, that’s your business, what’s important is you make your voice count.

I went out this morning after dropping the kids of from school and now we’ll wait to see what happens. It doesn’t look like we’ll know tonight with all the mail-ins flooding the ballots, but hopefully this week we will have a clear and concise winner.

What do you think? Did you laugh at this video? Let us know in the comments below.

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