‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy’s Pregnancy Shocker, Finn Is the Father – Liam FURIOUS!

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers thinks Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is going to become pregnant in an upcoming storyline.

The best part? John “Finn” Finnigan (Tanner Novlan) will be the father and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) is going to go nuclear when he finds out.

Just when things settle down between the three of them, real life has to come around and create a potentially entertaining storyline.

CBS ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: What you talking about?

Fair question, and our reasoning for this is fairly simple as Jacqueline MacInnes Wood recently announced she’s pregnant with her second child.

Pregnancies are something television shows have always struggled with by hiding them through various camera tricks and angles, or not even showing the woman except on the phone or from the chest up.

While any of those seem plausible, the horrible camera angles (broadsides) employed since production resumed (at least they stopped the triangle positioning) leads us to expect them to mess these up.

So, ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ expect them to incorporate the pregnancy into the storyline as it’ll be easier to do than shoot around her and maintain the social distancing.

CBS ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam’s reaction

But all of that aside, this would be a phenomenal storyline to do because it’ll revisit Liam’s promise to Steffy and his wife, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle).

It’ll allow more growth for Scott Clifton to explore as an actor as this would mark the definitive end to his relationship beyond sharing a child with her.

This will set him off on a super hardcore tangent about the dangers Finn represents and how this happened too fast, they don’t know enough about him, and if Finn and Steffy want to marry… Oh boy.

This will also give us a chance to see what kind of person Finn really is when the chips are down. Will he step up like he said, and if he does while Liam is ranting and raving, what are the odds that Liam starts down a dark road?

There are so many possible storylines they can explore here that could make this one of the best storylines of the year if done right and it’ll keep our attention.

More than that, ‘Bold and he Beautiful’ think it’ll be the perfect way for Finn and Steffy to start a real long term relationship and solidify him as the guy for her.

We’re sure she won’t mind not having to wait for his relationship with another woman to fall through to get him back.

Do you think they’ll work this into the story? Let us know your thoughts below, and check back with ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ for the latest updates, spoilers, and speculation around. Don’t forget to visit TVRocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favorite daytime television soaps.

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