Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Bad luck and more questions

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Telemundo falsa identidad spoilers reveal Alberto (Miguel Jiménez) and Guadalupe “Lupe” Girón (Vicky Araico) are in trouble. Plus, Isabel Fernández de Corona (Camila Sodi) has no luck, while Amanda Corona Fernández (Barbie Casillas) had more reason to question things. Let’s see what happened, plus talk about what’s ahead for tonight’s episode.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: No luck

First, Falsa identidad spoilers reveal Isabel almost had a rescue. However, Don Mateo Corona (Eduardo Yáñez) found out someone got onto his property. Again. And worse, someone stole one of his people’s truck. We’ll get to that more in a minute. The point is, this really messed things up for the rescue Isabel campaign.

He’d alerted his people they had someone following. So, they split up and one enacted a backup plan. This was bad for two reasons. One, Diego Hidalgo Virrueta (Luis Ernesto Franco) ended up being behind the wrong vehicle after the two split up.

Secondly, Isabel and the rest of her fellow captives are now trapped in the other one. Alone. In the desert. The other driver left the vehicle there and took another, empty one to keep going. The drivers had planned to do that, just in case there was trouble. Better to leave the people than be caught with a truck full of slaves.

Falsa identidad spoilers: Bad luck and more questions

Elsewhere, Lupe and Alberto are both the reason Isabel almost got rescued, as well as the reason she’s now in such a bad spot. Lupe had told Victoria Lamas (Dulce María) what she knew, and Alberto eventually handed over the truck keys.

Of course, this was somewhat by force. And Alberto believes the best thing to do is tell Amanda where her mother is. However, Lupe’s scared. She knows Don Mateo will kill them if they’re caught helping.

Eventually, he tried to alert Amanda and Don Mateo caught him. We’ll talk a second about how that might change things. But Mateo is definitely keeping an eye on them. So, we’re curious as to how Lupe will pull off the escape plan she started earlier in the episode.

In other Falsa identidad spoilers, Amanda heard Alberto throwing rocks at her window. However, Don Mateo saw before Amanda could answer and led him away. Now, Amanda is curious again.

She wants to know why Alberto was trying to get her attention. She also wants to talk to her grandfather about everything going on. However, Don Mateo’s guard won’t let her leave the room. Get ready for her to ask a lot of questions the next time she sees him.

Telemundo Falsa Identidad Spoilers: Tonight

As for tonight’s episode, it looks like Isabel’s in a mess. It seems she and the rest of Don Mateo’s captives suffer from dehydration tonight. Not only that, but they’ll have severe heat to deal with, as well as trouble breathing.

It looks like a small hole, however, will be a treasure for them all. Except for the fact teasers say they’ll fight over it. We see Isabel as stepping up and bringing a little order to the situation, but we’ll see if they can actually escape.

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