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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: What Happened At Deavan Clegg & Jihoon Lee’s Wedding?

’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers have revealed that Deavan and Jihoon met his parents there, and from there, Deavan got her eyes full of what their ‘big wedding’ was supposed to be like. It was not the big wedding she had envisioned at all.

In the US, big weddings, at least the kind that Deavan wants, usually take place at night. They usually have upwards of 100 people in attendance on both bride and groom’s sides, and they usually have a lot of entertainment and sometimes they even have a full bar, depending on how religious the family is. (Trust me, in the deep south you’ll stil meet tee-totalers, although that breed is becoming very, very rare.)

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Deavan’s wedding day blues

In Korea they’re not too fussed with what the tradition is going to look like. They give the appearance of a big wedding complete with a runway, leading up to a stage which does look like the aisle of a church somewhat.

Although Deavan compared it more to looking like a concert and I guess you could compare it to that. To me it looked more like a stage set-up to me, sort of like one would use if they were going to do a stage-play with a wedding scene in it.

And the thing is, all of the weddings in this wedding hall are slated to take place in one hour, you can’t just book a venue for a night, everything has to be over with and packed up within the hour.

Devan was not liking the sound of that. Also, Jihoon was wracking his brain trying to explain to Deavan how on earth these weddings worked. You could tell that he just wanted her to say yes after he mentioned the word VIP and agree to everything and shut up so he could stop thinking and just enjoy the quickie-wedding he was about to have, but Deavan looked like someone had just popped her favorite balloon, this was not how she wanted things at all.

I really don’t think that it was fair of Jihoon and his family to laugh at Deavan when all she wanted to do was incorporate some American traditions into the wedding. They basically made fun of her and seemed like they just wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible.

The wedding is supposed to be the Bride’s day, and Deavan didn’t even get to plan any of it. He destroyed her childhood dream, even though she had told him time and time again what she wanted and he still did everything in his power to discount it.

I get that Jihoon’s tired and probably just wants Deavan to shut up because as far as he’s concerned they’re done with the wedding on paper and they already had their bowing ceremony so this quickie wedding thing should be good enough for Deavan, right? Wrong, buddy. You have a lot to learn about American girls. Stay tuned!!!

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