Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Taking it up a notch

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Univision Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal Maria de la Paz Sobral Ramirez (Juliana Paes) won’t be such an easy mark. Plus, we saw more shameless behavior from Fabiana do Rosário (Nathalia Dill), as well as some Guedes family drama. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a major mess Monday night. Let’s talk what happened, plus preview what’s ahead.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Not so easy

First, Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal Régis Mantovani (Reynaldo Gianecchini) made another play for Maria de la Paz Monday night. She clearly has a bit of a thing for him, but she isn’t going to be an easy mark. She still loves Amadeu da Penha Matheus (Marcos Palmeira) and made that clear. However, Régis is motivated by his greed and insisted he’s going to win her over.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Scandal ahead?

Meanwhile, a massive shock hit the Guedes home. Edilene Pereira (Cynthia Senek), you might remember, got pregnant on purpose. Otávio Rocha (José de Abreu) didn’t like that, and demanded she do something about it.

She complied, apparently going to a very iffy place to get an abortion. In a crazy twist, she died from complications and Virgínia “Vivi” Guedes (Paolla Oliveira) is suspicious.

She confronted her father at one point in the episode, demanding to know if he had anything to do with that. He denied it, but she warned him she wouldn’t be able to forgive if he is lying to her. She has no idea.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: The nuns wouldn’t approve

Elsewhere, Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal Fabiana is apparently Rock “Rocky” Macondo’s (Caio Castro) next attempt at a sponsorship. She promised to help before heading off to Pizza with Agno Aguiar (Malvino Salvador).

Based on what we saw, she is definitely going to make a play for this guy. And we just can’t. It cracks us up every time she goes on her “I grew up in a convent” speech, because this girl is getting worse by the day. We have to wait and see if she’ll actually keep her word to help Rocky, unlike Josiane Sobral Ramirez Matheus (Agatha Moreira).

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Major mess

Finally, this novela has been a convoluted mess in that everyone apparently knows everyone else. They just don’t realize it. Like with Vivi hiring Fabiana. Tonight, we saw another coincidence in the house.

Cosme Pereira (Osvaldo Mil) is connected to Maria de la Paz’s family. Not only that, but he went to them for a very specific favor. With his daughter dead, he feels his life is destroyed. He has nothing. So, he has nothing to lose and only revenge to think of.

To close the episode out, he revealed he’s sure Otávio had something to do with what happened to his daughter. So, he wants Otávio to know his pain, and asked Maria de la Paz’s family to take care of that. By killing Vivi.

Yes, the Vivi they don’t realize is their missing relative. The last time the Sobral Ramirez family saw her, she was maybe four years old. This is going to be so beyond insane, and we can’t wait.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Tonight

Before we get to the teasers, it’s that time again. With an election coming up, there’s coverage to deal with. And Univision will be talking Decision 2020 and the debate. That means Dulce Ambición has been moved for the evening. It airs at 8 PM EST, instead of the usual 10 PM EST.

So, what do they have planned for the night? It seems Linda Guedes (Rosamaria Murtinho) isn’t a fool. She’ll go to Otávio and tell him she’s aware he is the father of that baby.

She wants him to be careful not to hurt Beatriz, but we think that ship already sailed. It’s not like Beatriz Rocha Guedes (Natália do Vale) didn’t already know he was sleeping around. In fact, she found it odd before that Edilene would be off duty of the nights Otávio was “working late.”

Meanwhile, we’ll see Maria de la Paz’s mother move in with her after the death of Maria de la Paz’s father. We are already picturing the massive fit Jos will have over this.

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