Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Racism, greed, and fatal attractions


Univision Dulce Ambición spoilers reveal Josiane “Jos” Sobral Ramirez Matheus (Agatha Moreira) and Régis Mantovani (Reynaldo Gianecchini) take their plan up a notch. Meanwhile, Márcio (Anderson Di Rizzi) might be caught in a fatal attraction, while Jos shows her true colors.

Plus, we saw Eusébio Macondo (Marco Nanini) show more of what a money-hungry creep he can be. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Greedy mess

Let’s start with Eusébio. He has been whining about how he should own most of Maria de la Paz Sobral Ramirez’s (Juliana Paes) company for the help he offered early on.

You know, the help that Marlene (Suely Franco) was mostly behind. And he nearly destroyed Maria de la Paz’s business before it even got going. He’s the one who crashed a car and left her needing a new way to sell those cakes.

Monday night, he apparently wanted to get an inheritance out of his father. You know, one who he apparently doesn’t even know. The lawyer, Antero Valadares (Ary Fontoura), was talked into the case by Marlene, and is doing it for free.

That wasn’t enough for Eusébio. When he learned it could take time, he complained and threatened to go to another lawyer. Antero gave no you-know-whats. He said Eusébio is more than welcome to find another lawyer who’ll work for free. So, obviously, the complaining settled down a bit. We see a lot more trouble ahead here.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Shameless plotting

In other Dulce Ambición spoilers, Régis and Jos continued their quest to steal everything Maria de la Paz has. They’re still going forward with the seduction plot, but with a twist. The pair came up with a plot to come between Maria de la Paz and Amadeu da Penha Matheus (Marcos Palmeira) for good. And it showed a bit of a nastier side to Jos.

See, she decided to go to her father’s house—one she insults—to meet her half-brother. While there, she intended to set the stage for a chance encounter that would lead to a huge fight between her parents.

Besides that, Régis strong-armed Maria de la Paz into another date. He would just happen to be arriving at the same time so when the fight breaks out? He’ll be there to “comfort” Maria de la Paz.

It’s working. The little brat faked a foot injury to get her father to “help” her home. While she visited with her dad and half-brother, by the way, she revealed a bit of prejudice. She seemed taken aback and not quite happy that her half-brother is black.

If we aren’t mistaking things, it looks like Gilda Miranda (Heloísa Jorge) might not be so fooled by Jos’ excuse for her behavior, or her “sweet daughter” act. Should be interesting to see if Gilda is key to exposing Jos for the liar she is.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Fatal attraction

Finally, we had a bit of amusement in the episode, thanks to Kim Ventura (Monica Iozzi). She has a thing for Márcio, who’s with Gilda’s sister, Sílvia Miranda (Lucy Ramos).

Kim managed to get him into bed, and then immediately got super possessive. She even threw his cell phone out the car window because she wouldn’t have him lying to other woman about where he is in front of her.

He doesn’t appear happy with this situation. We literally laughed out laugh when they both got out of the car a minute, because her door was locked when he got back in. Poor Kim was left standing on the side of the road, figuring out how to get where she needs to be.

Univision Dulce Ambición Spoilers: Tonight

As for this episode, Dulce Ambición spoilers indicate we’ll see Virgínia “Vivi” Guedes (Paolla Oliveira) and Fabiana do Rosário (Nathalia Dill) spending more time together. However, we’re not sure that’s a good thing. At one point in the promo, Fabiana looks like she’s got something to say about Vivi’s clothes and all. But, it looks like she stops herself before saying what she thinks.

Plus, we’ll see that awful plot Régis and Jos have going heat up. There is what looks to be a clear argument happening as Regis, Maria de la Paz, and Amadeu are left alone. We anticipate a major fit from Maria de la Paz ahead, as she’s good at those. This girl can go from sweet and dumb to “claw your eyes out” in about two seconds flat. And we love her for it.

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