Mandy Moore Announces Pregnancy!

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If you’re a first gen millenial you’ll recognize the name Mandy Moore from that time in the late 90’s when a lot of Britney Spears clones started popping up. From Christina Aguilera, to Jessica Simpson, and then there was Mandy Moore.

All of these ladies have gone on to do absolutely fabulous work on their own, but they all kind of came from the same general mold, and out of all of them, only one holds the title of ‘official Disney Princess’ and that is Mandy Moore, whom in 2010, made her debut as Princess Rapunzel, in Tangled. More recently she also stars as Rebecca Pearson on the hit NBC show, This is Us, which, I have a confession to make – I still haven’t seen it. Sorry ‘bout it!

Mandy Moore announces pregnancy!

In 2017 she said that playing Rebecca has made her Mom instincts kick in, and that she wanted kids sooner rather than later. So after two years of being blissfully wedded to Dawes rockband lead singer Taylor Goldsmith, they have announced that Moore will be giving birth early in 2021 to Baby Boy Goldsmith! If anything good has come of 2020, I think this is possibly one of the things.

What a time to start a family though, In 2020? Hopefully by the time Baby Boy Goldsmoth makes his debut, the world will be a safer place and we’ll have a vaccine, hope springs eternal on that front. 

The couple collaborated on Mandy Moore’s most recent album, Silver Landings. Can we just talk about how this kid is going to be crazy talented? His Dad’s a lead singer in a rockband and his Mom is Mandy Moore, a Disney Princess who did her own singing.

Obviously, what he chooses to do with any inherited talent he may have is his own decision, but just imagine if he did go into the music industry at any point. Wow, the sheer talent there would be off the charts! Which begs the question if he’ll be encouraged to go into the industry, or if Mama and Daddy will try to keep him away from the spotlight.

Some famous parents don’t want a famous life for their kids. Either way, we wish Mandy and Taylor the best of luck with their new family. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments, may they all be positive! Stay tuned!!!

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