Is Britney Spears Being Trafficked? #FreeBritney Movement Gains Steam

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There is a rumor going around in the #FreeBritney movement that Britney Spears is actually being trafficked. She came out with a video on instagram saying that she was okay, and she realizes that she wore the same top 17 times, but that had to do with doing a project.

The Project is called Project ROSE. Project Rose, which is apparently an organization dedicated to arresting sex workers in order to ‘save’ them and holding them in a church against their will.

Or at least that’s the word that’s going around, the only thing I found when I google project Rose was a Pakistani military operation, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

Is Britney Spears being trafficked?

Britney went onto tell her fans that her posts are not old, in fact they’re not more than a month old. Given the instantaneous nature of Instagram itself (hence the name!), that seems a little suspicious.

There have been reports of Britney not being in charge of her own social media accounts which make sense in a way because a lot of stars have their assistants check their social media accounts and email on the daily.

But usually things like instagram and twitter and things that can be done using a phone are much more personal and while they might have an assistant post things every once in awhile, usually stars run their own social media.

Especially instagram, I have not met a star yet that didn’t run their own instagram. They may post edited pictures, but they post things by themselves.

So Britney not running her own stuff is odd nowadays. If Britney is indeed being trafficked, who on earth would she be being trafficked too? She doesn’t exactly fit the profile of a young girl prone to trafficking.

Young girls prone to trafficking are usually high school age without family support who are lured in by older guys who set them up with apartments and money and after the girls have already fallen in love with them, that’s when the older man will often ask for favors of the sexual variety.

I’m not saying that a version of this can’t happen here, but if that is indeed what’s happening, then it’s definitely not going to fit the narrative of your usual human trafficking tale.

So, is she or isn’t she being trafficked? The truth is, we don’t know. When we do, we’ll keep you updated, but until then even the most skeptical of us have to admit that this sounds… odd. Stay tuned!!!

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