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Britney Spears Update: What’s going on with #FreeBritney and Conservatorship?

Only July 22nd, Britney Spears and her conservators were supposed to appear in a virtual hearing in front of a judge concerning her 12 year long conservatorship.

Britney Spears has been under this conservatorship of her Dad since she had a very public mental meltdown in 2007 in which she shaved her head and just kind of went on a rampage that, to this day, still doesn’t make much sense.

Then again, this rampage only made sense to 2007 Britney so the rest of us from an outsider point of view wouldn’t understand anyway. However, Britney was not supposed to be under her Dad’s conservatorship for that long, just until she could get her life together.

So you’re telling me 12 years and numerous albums and tours later and that still doesn’t qualify as having your life together?

There’s been a lot of speculation on the FreeBritney front, a lot of fans have speculated that her family has her under tight control because she is the family cash cow and because without her money the family wouldn’ stay afloat.

I mean, point there but still, looks like someone in the family would have made some smart investment moves so that they wouldn’t have to keep depending on Britney for all their cash. At some point, a person’s life has to become their own, you know?

What’s going on with #FreeBritney?

However it doesn’t look like that’s happening this week because her Father won the legal right for all further details of Britney’s conservatorship to be kept private. That means that no further details about her conservatorship will be released.

It looks like the family has really doubled-down on the whole privacy thing, because when a fan asked Jamie Lynn Spears, her younger sister, to speak out about Britney’s mental health, Jamie-Lynn fired back with, “You have no right to assume anything about my sister, and I have no right to speak about her health and personal matters.” okay, point.

Britney’s still a human, everyone that’s involved is, everyone has feelings. So whether we as fans like it or not, we have to accept the fact that until Britney’s conservatorship ends there’s likely not going to be that much information shared on social media about her.

It’s likely going to be a lot of speculation and a lot of false information going up if there’s anything. The only tidbits of information that we might get in the coming months will probably be shared on Britney’s social media which according to her brother Bryan Spears, she is in control of. He clarified that in a recent interview.

However she refuses to address anything directly on social media. On Instagram she had a live Q&A in which she addressed some fan questions, like what her favorite Disney movie was (Frozen, really Brit? Okay then.) But a lot of celeb fans, like Ruby Rose, piped up and said, “I have a different question.” but they all went unanswered. I think for the foreseeable future, it’s going to remain like that unless something takes a turn.

My prediction is, nothing is going to change unless something suddenly happens to Britney’s Dad, he’s already had a health scare in the past year and it is said that Britney’s Mom, in her testimony, wanted more say in Britney’s conservatorship but we don’t actually know what came of that since everything is now on lockdown.

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