Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Good riddance and key moments


Univision Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal there was a tragic end for one character. Meanwhile, it looks like we have a key to the Morales curse. Plus, everything is set for the big birthday celebration. Let’s take a look at what happened, plus what we can expect Friday. Yes, you read that part right. There’s no episode tonight because of news coverage.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: The end

First, a long-awaited moment. For us, anyway. We can’t speak for other fans, of course. See, Félix “El Bacalao” Cortés (Sergio Reynoso) is a terrible character who’s done a lot of damage to Luz María Molina de Cortés (Azela Robinson), Ricardo Reyes Alonso (Adrián Uribe), and Antonio “Toño” Cortés Molina (Uribe).

Not to mention Renata Cortés (Lore Graniewicz) and others. He sold his newborn son, tried to kill him later, hit his wife, and other crimes. But he finally paid a steep price for it. In Wednesday’s episode, he tried to kill Luchita.

How? He’d used someone else to distract/disable the bodyguard Ricardo hired, then snuck in the house. Eventually, Luchita got away, and the guard stepped back into the fight. Bacalao came at them with a knife, so the guard warned him more than once to back off.

When Bacalao refused to comply, the man shot him. Now, Bacalao is gone and Renata is the one who looks the most upset. However, she holds no ill will. She knows her father caused his own problems, and he’d rather be dead than back in jail anyway. So, the guard technically did Bacalao a favor. We can’t say we’re sorry to see him go.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Solutions?

Elsewhere, Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal the Morales sisters are still in search of a remedy to their curse. However, they’ve allowed Sol Morales (Leticia Huijara) to leave as well. She just had to promise to return, should they find the solution. And it seems closer than they believe.

The little girl that hangs out at the market sang a song that hints at a connection to the one who cursed the sisters. Apparently, they learned the solution to the problem passes through generations. So, this kid is likely the key and we’re looking forward to seeing the sisters free finally.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Gathering proof

Finally, Ricardo is busy as well. Como tu no hay dos spoilers reveal he’s been working hard to put everything in place for his birthday party. And Benjamín Cruz (Mario Alberto Monroy) and Ivette Altamira (Gabriela Carrillo) are also on the case.

They uncovered proof of shady business and that Natalia “Naty” Lira Vargas (Claudia Martín) is attached to it. We’re sure this party is going to be one to remember. We saw the beginning Wednesday night. Tono and Ricardo both showed up and everyone lost it.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Next time

Looking ahead, Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal Toño will be looking for forgiveness tonight. He will beg Natalia () to let him off the hook for keeping quiet about his true identity.  He’ll also go out of his way to assure her he really does love her.

Plus, we’ve got a bit of a surprising development we assume will come from the twin’s appearance at the party. Damián Fuentes Jasso (Ferdinando Valencia) will confess to being a no-good thief that wanted the Reyes/Alonso money.

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