Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Setups and shocking truths

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Univision Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal Ricardo Reyes Alonso (Adrián Uribe) got massively cheated. Plus, we saw Dora Sánchez (Mayra Rojas) get some shocking news on her trip out of town. Here’s what you need to know. Plus, we’ve got your preview for tonight’s episode.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Frame job

First, we’ve got the situation at Reyes/Alonso. Damián Fuentes Jasso (Ferdinando Valencia) has been put in charge because of Ricardo’s supposed incompetence. Claudio Reyes Alonso’s (Gerardo Murguía) had a lot of concerns for Ricardo’s mental health, but he also has some disturbing information. Information about supposed terrible transactions/deals Ricardo made came his way. What he doesn’t know is, it was all Damián. He’s got an accomplice cooking up a bunch of fake books. Damián is planning to take the “lost” money for himself and start his own business.

Because of Claudio’s accusations, Ricardo decided to do some digging. He believes that Antonio “Toño” Cortés Molina (Uribe) is the one who put the company in such a bad position, so he is furious. Things will really blow up between them tonight, as seen in the promo. We can’t wait. We’re sure Toño will defend himself by whatever means he has. It helps his case that Benjamín Cruz (Mario Alberto Monroy) was actually the one making the business calls, which he’s fully capable of doing. If there’s one thing you can give Toño, he was smart enough to realize that was one part of the con he couldn’t do himself. The question is, will this help the twins’ relationship? We think so. Future teasers indicate that they will show up at the house together, so a team up has to happen before the show ends.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Shocking news

In other Como tú no hay dos spoilers, Dora’s trip to Veracruz didn’t turn out the way she imagined. We’re not sure what she thought the midwife who delivered Ricardo would say, but her reactions say this went far beyond her worse thoughts. It also shows that they are better people than it might seem, give they bought a baby.

The midwife wanted to confess all before she died. So she told Dora that Ricardo was a twin. Then, she confessed the mother didn’t die in childbirth as they thought.

This was a horrifying moment for Dora. She couldn’t believe they’d pulled her and Claudio into something like that. And she feels horrible the twins were kept from each other for so long. We can just imagine how badly Claudio himself will take the news.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Tonight’s episode

As for tonight, Como tú no hay dos spoilers indicate Natalia “Naty” Lira Vargas (Claudia Martín) will meet with her mother and call her out for never trusting her when she told her what happened with her father. Plus, Ricardo believes Toño is responsible for the company’s problems and demands he step away from it and the family.

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