TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Why Are Fans Upset?

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TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ spoilers finds that fans of the the show love following Danielle and Adam Busby on the show and on social media. Danielle and Adam both have separate accounts and the family has an account called It’s a Buzz World.

The family also has an account for their boutique. TLC also opened up an account for the television show for the family. When the family isn’t on the air, fans can keep up with them and never worry about missing a thing. With all of these options to see the family on social media, why are fans furious with TLC right now?

TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: TLC Gets Backlash

Fans of OutDaughtered have shown some concern about what TLC has done for the OutDaughtered Instagram account. Some of the Busby’s do follow this account, but TLC controls it completely.

Fans look to this account to find out more information about the family, but they have noticed that TLC doesn’t update it the way that fans would like. The OutDaughtered account is now being used to show spoilers of the other shows that are premiering on TLC.

TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Why Are Fans Upset?

When fans tuned into the OutDaughtered Instagram account, they were pretty upset to see a trailer for the new show, Doubling Down with the Derricos. The trailer simply asked fans to watch the new show on the TLC network.

OutDaughtered fans were not amused about how TLC was using this account to promote another show. Fans were quick to reply to the trailer.

One fan wrote, “Look man, we just want the Busby family. Don’t share another family with us!” Another wrote, “Why is there a new family? We want OutDaughtered. No hate but you could at least make another IG account.”

One more chimed in, “No offense to this family. They look lovely. But this is the OutDaughtered account. Might be a mistake or a mis-post. Don’t be hateful in the comment y’all.”

This is actually not the first or last time that TLC has used the OutDaughted account to share the Derricos with fans. Do you think that this account should be used for sharing new shows? Should TLC just stick to sharing OutDaughtered content on this Instagram account?

We think that the account should only share OutDaughtered and if TLC wants to share another show, they just need to start a new account for that show.

If you want to keep up with the Busby’s, make sure to follow their Instagram accounts, where you can get family photos and fun.

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