TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: New Episodes Coming Soon

TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ spoilers finds that fans are very excited to hear that they have started filming again! Their season of filming was cut short due to the Coronavirus, but on July 1, Adam Busby revealed that they had officially started filming again!

TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Adam Shares His Story

On Instagram, Adam went live to share with fans what is going on with the show. He said, “We got such positive feedback from the most recent season of the show and everybody was just a little bummed that it was only four episodes because of tall the pandemic stuff going on and having to quarantine and the crew leaving. But don’t worry because we’re back at it.” He posted this soon after a fan asked why the season was so short. He replied to that fan, “Kinda hard to film a TV show during a global pandemic. Trust me if we had continued, we would have been vilified.”

TLC ‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: New Episodes Coming Soon

Adam took the time to show his fans the new cameras that were installed in their van and tried to answer as many questions from fans that he could. There were fans that think the family should be safer right now and they shared their thoughts on the recent trip they took. Adam posted about going to see dolphins and one fan wrote, “I’m in Texas as well and we should be in a lockdown. Our numbers are increasing like crazy! Our hospitals are overwhelmed and we’ve had an increase in deaths. One picture doesn’t share that information. Stay safe.” Luckily no big arguments came out of this one comment on his post.

It seems that the family has been going out more and enjoying life as much as they can right now. They are many pictures of the girls with a film crew and things seem to be looking up for season eight of the show. The family does continue to post on their YouTube channel and it is so much fun to see the girls grow up. We hope that things continue to move forward for them and everyone else.

If you want to keep up with the quints and Adam and Danielle Busby, you can follow them both on Instagram, where they post frequently. You can also check out their YouTube channel, which will give you a much better idea of what they are doing daily. We know that we are ready to see more of them and we cannot wait until there is a full season eight of the quints!

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