FBI Raids Youtuber Jake Paul’s house

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Youtuber Jake Paul is no stranger to controversy, I mean back when he first started making national headlines he kept setting things on fire and tossing them into neighbors yards prompting police calls and noise complaints. Then he climbed on top of a news van to ‘dab on them haters’.

Earlier this year he was caught receiving stolen merchandise at a riot and subsequently got arrested. Now, the FBI is raiding his house. Honestly, the raid itself is not all that surprising, we kind of all knew it would happen someday. However the question remains why?

Youtube: FBI raids Jake Paul’s house

That’s the thing though, the federal judge involved has sealed the order so the FBI Agents involved cannot discuss the nature of the search. All they would say is that it involved an ongoing investigation and that no arrests were planned. Well that’s good I suppose but in all honesty its still a little unsettling.

What on earth could have prompted the FBI to get involved? What were they searching for at the house and was Jake Paul even aware that this was going to happen or was he caught unawares when the FBI came beating on his door?

If he’s given the clear then you can bet that sometimes soon Paul will make a video detailing about how his house was raided by the FBI and maybe a little explanation as to why the FBI thought that it was necessary in the first place.

He may not comment on the investigation itself because he may not know what all it entails, but that is if we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s face it guys, this is Jake Paul and chances are he did something stupid that attracted the FBI’s attention.

I am not sure if this counts but lately he has been throwing huge parties in the midst of this pandemic where there are gatherings of way more than 10 people and none of them are wearing masks at all. So, was that enough to garner attention from the feds? Hmmm, inquiring minds would like to know. We’ll keep you abreast of the situation at DSD. Stay tuned!!!

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