Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Fake confessions and a family trait

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Telemundo Cennet spoilers reveal the big reveal regarding Arzu Soyer (Esra Ronabar) was a big fake. A brief moment missed showed Cennet Yılmaz’s (Almila Ada) reaction to Arzu’s “I’m your mother” confession was Arzu’s imagination at work. To her credit, she was still willing to tell the truth, despite the vitriol she pictured Cennet throwing at her. However, we still can’t with the idea Arzu hasn’t told the truth yet. And that Cennet hasn’t already figured something out. Here’s what you need to know, plus the latest about Melisa Soyer (Zehra Yılmaz) and a preview of what’s to come.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: How stupid is she?

Let’s count the ways, shall we? Cennet spoilers reveal that Arzu always seems to be around. Not to mention her risking her own safety to save Cennet from a rape attempt, and the way she was so motherly with her right after the incident. But there’s a lot more. Arzu has been seen at Cennet’s and Kaya Demiröz’s (Devrim Saltoglu) homes. Plus, we’ve got the whole puzzle situation. Cennet only lacked the face, which should have given a lot of hints.

Plus, there’s the fact Arzu called her specifically after getting released from la carcel. Then, Mukaddes Yılmaz (Güler Ökten) arranged a meeting with Cennet on Arzu’s behalf. There’s plenty of things to put the pieces together. And let’s not forget Kaya has mentioned more than once that maybe her mother doesn’t want to see her.

That’s why we can’t understand her Friday night. She once again demanded Kaya tell her who her mother is. Plus, when she learned a woman came to see Kaya, she begged Pinar for information. Unfortunately, the Telenovela Gods were a bit mean (again). Pinar never actually saw the woman. Just heard her name was Cavidan. That was Arzu’s original name before she ran from Kaya. Why she’s not at least suspecting this, we don’t know.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: New low

Meanwhile, we got more insight into Melisa’s twisted head. They showed us what actually happened before Melisa’s “accident”. It was a ploy thought up by Kaya to interrupt Arzu’s confession. Neither of them want her to talk, so Kaya used a brick to guide Melisa’s car into a wall, then “rescue” her. She’s also not paralyzed at all. Kaya gave her a drug that made it seem that way. She got a couple more doses on Friday to get her through until she’s released from the hospital. We can’t. This girl knows no limits. We’re also not sure who’s dumber—her, or Cennet. It actually shows how alike they all are.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Similarities

First, there’s Arzu. She’s all talk, constantly getting in Kaya’s face and claiming she’ll tell everything. But she still hasn’t. And she actually let Cennet leave without telling her anything, knowing Cennet is with a dangerous man.

Melisa was dumb enough to believe Kaya and take the other dose of the drug. And knowing he pulled a gun before, and was about to let Selim Arısoy (Berk Atan) die, she’s still willing to team up with him. Where does his behavior say he’s one to trust? Plus, there’s his sudden involvement in the SR Group after a shady purchase, and Arzu warned Melisa about him last night.

Cennet spoilers reveal Cennet is blinding herself to the things we mentioned above. Plus, she’s completely dismissing Selim’s warnings. And that’s not the worst. Several times now, including last night, Kaya’s been controlling and outright manipulative. The guilt trips he puts on her are unreal, and should also be a red flag. So, what can we expect next?

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Tonight

Looking ahead, tonight will see Melisa begin a new plan to manipulate her family with Kaya’s help. Meanwhile, Kaya realizes someone’s been digging around in his stuff and Sema Soyer (Ebru Nil Aydın) talks to Mahir Soyer (Hazım Körmükçü) about her suspicions.

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