Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Fate steps in and near misses


Telemundo Cennet spoilers reveal more karma came along. As Melisa Soyer (Zehra Yılmaz) tried to prevent a meeting she and Kaya Demiröz (Devrim Saltoglu) didn’t want, tragedy struck. Plus, we are giving Arzu Soyer (Esra Ronabar) some credit while also wondering what she was thinking.

Also, Pinar (Zeynep Ülsezer Öztürk) might have dodged a bullet, but for how long? Here’s what you need to know, plus a preview of tonight’s.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: The race is on

So, we know from previous episodes Kaya and Melisa were determined to stop Arzu from telling Cennet Yılmaz (Almila Ada) the truth. They both had their own reasons for it, but the ultimate goal’s the same. So, when Melisa learned her mother was about to meet Cennet to tell her everything, a panic started.

As the Telenovela Gods would have it, Kaya’s cell phone had no power, and Pinar couldn’t catch him in time to get him on the phone. So, Melisa was on her own for now and she got desperate. This led to either an accidental or intentional trip into a wall.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Meeting interrupted

Meanwhile, Cennet spoilers reveal Arzu finally met with Cennet, but Cennet wasn’t interested in what she had to say. She’s had enough of this family and their drama after learning Melisa hired the man who attacked her before. And that it was her fault the guy kidnapped her later.

But Arzu, to her credit, was stubborn and wouldn’t let Cennet leave. Arzu told Cennet she’s her mother and did get to a bit of why she abandoned her. But the fates stepped in. Arzu got a call from Mahir Soyer (Hazım Körmükçü) about Melisa having a car accident, so that stopped the conversation right there.

Here’s where we have to give her a little grief while also understanding her. It’s a tough situation she’s in, and Arzu will understandably not be too clear-headed. But with her knowledge of Kaya, she really shouldn’t have suggested letting Cennet leave to get some rest without telling her.

This puts Cennet in a lot of danger. Not to mention the rest of the people around them. But she (and Melisa) are getting a dose of karma for all the pain they’ve inflicted.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Karma

See, Melisa’s fine after the accident. Well, mostly. She’s not in any life-threatening condition. The problem is, she can’t feel her legs now and the doctors aren’t sure why. They think it’s possibly a side effect of her head trauma and a temporary condition. But we’ll have to wait and see on that. The doctors are running more tests to see if they can figure this mystery out.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Close call

Finally, Pinar had a very close call Thursday. Nilgün Arısoy (Çiçek Acar) showed up at Kaya’s house and almost blew Pinar’s cover without realizing. Some quick thinking from Pinar saved her for now. But Nilgün clearly knows something is up, so we wonder how long until she says the wrong thing.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Tonight

Looking ahead, it looks like that gets complicated sooner than we might think. Nilgün will discover what Yasar (Mahmut Gökgöz) and Selim Arısoy (Berk Atan) did. We can see an argument starting already. She’s the one that brought Kaya into the business, so we don’t think she’ll like her son being sneaky.

Plus, Sema Soyer (Ebru Nil Aydın) will stick her nose into stuff as well. She’ll want to know what’s going on between Arzu and Kaya. Plus, we see Kaya and Melisa achieve a goal through dirty tricks. Hmm. Looks like that paralysis might not be so mysterious after all. But, can we really be surprised when this is the same woman who faked a suicide attempt to keep a man?

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