Has Youtuber Shane Dawson grown from being cancelled?

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Recently, Shane Dawson’s boyfriend Ryland Adams and future sis-in-law Morgan Adams took to social media to claim that Shane is not the person that he is being made out to be by the people on social media.

Morgan said that their entire perception of Shane was like looking through the window of someone’s house and if you only look through that one window then you’re only going to see one type of picture.

Okay, fair, we get it. Not too long afterwards Ryland took to social media to talk mostly about his meditation journey but before he went into that video he addressed the drama.

He said that he wished we could allow for people to make mistakes, but more than that he wished that we could allow for people to grow from them.

He said that we shouldn’t be so quick to cancel other people forever and that the Shane he knows is so different from the Shane from a decade ago. In fact, Morgan and Ryland both said a version of that last part.

Youtube: Has Shane Dawson grown from being cancelled?

They said that Shane has grown and changed from who he was in his past and that is why some fans aren’t buying it. They think that Morgan and Ryland are testing the waters so that Shane can come back to social media. However it looks like it might be a bit too soon for that.

People are calling for Shane to make a public apology to Willow Smith and her family for the disgusting video that he posted about her when she was 11 years old. Fair, completely fair. However, do Willow and her family actually want an apology?

He should give it to them whether they want one or not but they could also just want to move on from the drama and forget such a thing ever happened. There is also the question of how awkward that apology is going to he when he does make it and maybe Willow and her family already have a gag order against him, sort of an official, “Keep.my name out of your mouth” which would honestly do it. Can’t speak about someone who has legally forebade you to!

A lot if fans are calling for him to show how he has grown and stop giving platforms to problematic people on youtube but you kind of can’t do that without making content first and so far aside from one apology video he posted about a month ago I really do not see him making any content.

I guess by not giving people platforms people want to see him delete the documentaries he filmed with Tana Mongeau, Jeffree Star, and Jake Paul but honestly that is a lot of work to delete and I can see why he isn’t deleting them.

Some view it as giving people a platform but the documentaries could also serve as a warning not to hang around these types of people, honestly. That’s what I’m choosing to look at it as. We’ll see how this turns out. Stay tuned!

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