British Royal Family News: Prince Charles And Camilla Parker-Bowles To Enjoy Extended Break

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British royal family news has revealed that Prince Charles will have an extended break this summer. It has been revealed that the future king will enjoy an extended break alongside Camilla, as they stay in Scotland for a extra week. Reports earlier this week claimed that the Queen and Prince Philip have also recently arrived in Scotland for their break.

It is believed that the destination is Her Majesty’s favourite summer location to spend her vacation. There were fears that the Queen may not have been able to travel there this summer due to the global pandemic, but she arrived at Balmoral Castle on Tuesday after being taken there via car.

British Royal Family News: Charles And Camilla Enjoy Scottish Break

The Queen and Philip aren’t the only couple that will be enjoying their down time in Scotland over the next couple of weeks, as Charles and Camilla will also be in the same country. Charles will be spending his time at Birkhall with Camilla. However, it has been revealed that Charles has a special reason for extending the break.

The report claims that Charles will extend the vacation for an extra week so that he can carry out one of his favourite pastimes. It was revealed earlier in the week that the prince had been spotted fly finishing by one of the royal photographers, and he revealed the news on Twitter on Wednesday. Tim Rooke revealed that he was just walking the dogs before seeing Charles drive past him with the rods on the top of his car.

British Royal Family News: Royal Reveals Charles Staying For Extra Week

The local to the area also revealed that Charles will be staying around the area for an extra week so that he can continue to fish. He revealed that the fishing in the area is ‘so good’. It wouldn’t be a huge shock that Charles will be spending an extended period of time doing this hobby during the vacation.

Philip is also a huge lover of fly fishing and has been known to spend days catching salmon in the local river next to the Balmoral estate. Charles is also a huge lover of the sport, and that has been passed over to William and Harry, who were both taught how to fish at an early age.

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