Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Business opportunities and decoys


Telemundo Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal Friday found Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo) on a mission. She also had to make some adjustments. As for her brother, Alejandro Ferrer (Raúl Méndez), he got used by the bad guys while he was off trying to find more to nail Roxana on. Plus, we got to learn a bit more about Alicia García (Elyfer Torres) and the goings on at Las Dunas. Let’s take a look at what happened, plus preview tonight.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Business

Starting off, let’s talk about Gladys “La Mariscala” Bernal (Amaranta Ruiz). She’s a top dog in Las Dunas, and through Alicia, we learned a bit more about what is going on there. Alicia has apparently not been making a lot of friends since she arrived at Las Dunas. You might remember that when we saw her previously, she was crying and Ana Mercedes “La Puma” Calicio (María del Carmen Félix) warned her that wouldn’t fly once inside. It seems Alicia hasn’t taken that advice very well, because Mariscala calls her the crybaby.

Anyway, Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal Alicia has family and she really wants to see them. The problem is, people there apparently have to go through Mariscala first. She demands money for any visitation privileges. And it looks like the money’s getting shared with the same guys behind Puma’s attack. Eventually, Mariscala approached Alicia and offered to have her do some jobs for her in exchange for those visits. Sounds like Mariscala built up some huge clout to do that. She just might not have enough.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Team building?

See, Roxana is pretty powerful herself. She owns the warden, for starters. Plus a bunch of guards. On Friday, it looks like she was assessing the population for potential allies. Puma recognized the picture of Alicia and mentioned her. Later on, we saw Alicia reassigned. Considering Mariscala was talking to her when the guard made the announcement, we think that was Roxana’s doing.

Meanwhile, Alejandro barged into her associate’s office. And right before a long distance meeting with her, no less. The encounter left the guy so shaken, he wants out. Roxana, however, is stubborn and insists she’s the only one who decides that. Given she is looking for alternate ways to get an increase in merchandise shipments, he might not be long for this show.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Used

Speaking of Alejandro, Manuel Salas (Germán Bracco) used Alejandro as an in. The bad guys want the money the police stole. So Manuel went to the station, supposedly to meet with Alejandro about something. Really, he was using it as a way to steal information about the narcos’ money. He managed to help them steal it back, but he’s now in Alejandro’s hands. We think he is going to need a lot of luck to survive that one…

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Tonight’s spoilers

So, we talked a bit earlier about Mariscala’s business in Las Dunas. It appears that Roxana finds out about this business tonight. It looks like she’ll believe Mariscala could be useful, which is a bit out there. After all, Mariscala’s the one who is partly responsible for Puma’s recent attack. Stay tuned to see what else might be ahead. We’re sure we’ll see some fall out from the robbery on Friday.

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