Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Sweet setups, revenge, and complications

Telemundo Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal Roxana Rodiles (Fernanda Castillo) has a new home. Unfortunately for her, she also got some unexpected news shortly after arriving. Meanwhile, Martín Ustariz (Aitor Luna) does his best to hide his blame, but it doesn’t work very well. We also see a reunion, which will continue tonight. Here’s what you need to know, and what’s ahead.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Confusion

First, let’s talk about Alejandro Ferrer (Raúl Méndez) a minute. He learned about Roxana turning herself in, and this episode had him in complete confusion. He can’t understand why she would do such a thing. However, he admitted there’s some mixed feelings about this victory. He’s spent so much time looking for her, he feels a bit upset that’s over now. Understandable, as it’s his sister and he’s basically obsessed. We think he’s also more upset that he wasn’t the one to catch her than anything.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Welcome back/Bad news

In other Enemigo íntimo spoilers, Roxana definitely didn’t turn herself in without a plan. She apparently owns the guy running Las Dunas. This paid off big-time. She has a remote area of Las Dunas she’s being housed in. Plus, she gets to spend her time in a hidden room filled with luxuries. She’ll be able to run her business from there and have some of the other employees running errands for her. The first one turned out bad.

See, she’d asked for them to bring her Ana Mercedes “La Puma” Calicio (María del Carmen Félix). The problem is, no one knew where Puma got to. She was in the clutches of Anselmo López (Guillermo Quintanilla), who severely injured her. Roxana ordered an alarm sounded, so Anselmo had to leave Puma where she was and take off. The people on Roxana’s pay roll found her and Puma is now safe. But Roxana ain’t happy. She’s ready to find and deal with those who harmed her friend.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Complications

Also on Wednesday, Martín had trouble as well. To avoid getting busted for his fake drone search, Martín had a plan. He ordered a second cop to take his target out. This man wasn’t happy about it, but he was about to pull the job off. Unfortunately for Martín, his flunky got a guilty conscience. When the mark started going on about his anniversary dinner that night and how he was retiring soon, the flunky texted Martín to say he can’t do the job. Martín’s reaction was awesome, and we’re curious to see how he’ll deal with this setback.

Telemundo Enemigo Intimo Spoilers: Tonight

Looking ahead, tonight’s episode finds Roxana ready to get back at another person for Puma’s attack. Plus, we’ll see her and Alejandro confront each other. He’s likely wondering why she would turn herself in. The thing is, he’s not going to believe a word of her answer. Enemigo íntimo spoilers reveal he makes it clear to her he can’t be fooled.

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