EastEnders Spoilers: Danny Hardcastle Set To Make Stunning Return When EastEnders Returns

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EastEnders spoilers have revealed that Danny Hardcastle is set to return to the soap when the show airs again. Danny was last seen in Walford getting involved with Phil Mitchell, as their dodgy job went wrong shortly before the soap went off air.

According to reports, Paul Usher has been back on set since the show returned to filming and he is gunning for revenge. The car job went wrong a couple of months ago as Ben Mitchell got involved. Ben was warned to stay away from the job as he was seen as a liability because of his hearing loss.

Turned out, Danny was right as Ben arrived and things quickly went wrong. However, he managed to get a layer of revenge as his gun shot left Ben riding in agony as his hearing was permanently lost.

EastEnders Spoilers: Danny Not Done With Mitchells

However, it would seem as though Danny isn’t through with Ben or Phil just yet, as he will return to Walford to get his revenge when the soap returns. Phil and Danny have worked together on numerous jobs since Danny’s arrival in Walford. He made his first appearance a year ago as he demanded that Phil help him with a dodgy job.

Danny still believes that Phil owes him after sending their joint business into liquidation. The situation between the pair soon got more dangerous as the newcomer kidnapped Phil’s daughter. Louise was kidnapped as Danny reminded Phil that he wasn’t somebody that he should cross. However, when she was safely returned, he warned Danny to stay away from him and his family.

EastEnders Spoilers: Danny’s Shocking Return

Danny made a stunning return to Walford earlier this year as he had a proposition for Phil’s son. At that time, Ben was trying to get even with Phil after they had clashed. However, it was all part of Danny’s plan to get even with Phil. As part of his plan, Phil was set to get the blame for the dodgy job, but Ben rescued him in the knick of time.

However, that decision came at a cost as Ben lost his hearing. The two of them were fortunately able to escape, which means that Danny will still feel as though he owes the Mitchell’s a dish of revenge. But, what will he cook up for when the show returns later in the year?

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