EastEnders Spoilers: Phil Mitchell Haunted As One Of His Exes Returns To Walford

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EastEnders spoilers have revealed that things could be about to get a lot worse for Phil Mitchell when the soap returns. Phil has been through a lot already this year, which includes finding out that his wife had cheated on him and then had a baby with Keanu Taylor. The shocking storyline reached its conclusion when Phil urged Martin Fowler to kill Keanu.

However, unbeknown to Phil, Martin never went through with Phil’s plan and instead turned back up to Walford on the night of the Queen Vic’s boat party. The two were locked in a tense exchange, which resulted in Ben Mitchell being left partly deaf as Phil attempted to shoot Keanu.

EastEnders Spoilers: Phil Thought He Had Won Sharon Back

After those dramatic scenes, Phil went AWOL for a number of months before making his shocking return. Upon his return, Sharon blamed Phil for Dennis Rickman’s death, despite the real culprit being Ian Beale. Sharon was determined to get redemption for her son, and it would now appear that she has got that.

Phil believed that he had won Sharon back around over the final scenes, as it was revealed that they would be buying the Queen Vic together. However, there was still a twist in the tail, as Sharon turned her back on Ian and revealed that she was instead going to buy the famous pub with her long-time friend Ian. Viewers have been contemplating what this could now mean for Phil when the soap return.

EastEnders Spoilers: Shocking Return Turns Phil’s Life Upside Down

It has now been rumoured that things could get even worse for Phil as a shocking return to Walford could leave his reign of terror on the brink. Spoilers have revealed that Dawn Swann could be set to return to the area, and she could immediately have her sights on getting payback on Phil after their shocking affair over ten years ago.

It would be a stunning turn of events, but it would create scenes that fans will love. Fans will be delighted to see Phil on the back foot and will be intrigued to see how he can navigate his way out of this tough situation. Viewers will be waiting to see what happens next should Dawn return to Walford.

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