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Prince Charles

British Royal Family News: Prince Charles Pays Visit To Health Care Workers During Tour


British royal family news has revealed that Prince Charles has paid a visit to some health care workers while he is on his tour in Cornwall. Charles has constantly been paying visits to health care professionals since the lockdown restrictions were eased, as he thanks them for their continued sacrifice throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

He was once again feeling grateful this week as he and Camilla Parker-Bowles paid a visit to the St Austell surgery in Cornwall to thank them for their hard work throughout the coronavirus. The royal couple appeared to be in high spirits as they visited the health care workers.

British Royal Family News: Charles And Camilla Crack Jokes

Prince Charles seemed to be enjoying being back in the public, as he was constantly smiling throughout the visit. He and Camilla were joking with the staff throughout the visit as they understand that they are eternally grateful for the work that they have been doing throughout the pandemic.

Prince Charles will understand the sacrifices that they have made more than most. Charles tested positive for COVID-19 at the beginning of lockdown and was forced to self-isolate from Camilla for two weeks.

He references that battle in a short speech that he made to the staff, where he admitted that he was very grateful to meet all the members of staff and was keen to emphasise that he understands the hard work that they have been doing.

British Royal Family News: Staff Enjoy Royal Visit

It wasn’t just the royals that were enjoying their time yesterday as the members of staff also looked thrilled to have seen the couple. They were pictured sharing jokes with the royal couple, as Charles was seen throwing his arms into the air as he laughed after hearing a joke. The couple will enjoy their final day of the tour on Wednesday.

There will also be a special moment for Camilla on Wednesday as she is handed one of Prince Philip’s prestigious honours in a ceremony. The two royals will be in different locations for the event, but it highlighted that Camilla is set to be a crucial member of the royal family moving forward without Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

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