British Royal Family News: Camilla Parker-Bowles Admits That She Is Constantly Surprised By Prince Charles’ Physical Condition

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British royal family news has reported that Camilla Parker-Bowles has opened up about how she is constantly amazed by her husband. The royal spoke to The Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 on Monday afternoon, and she revealed that he is one of the ‘fittest’ men of his age. She revealed in the interview that he is just like ‘a mountain goat’.

She made the similarity when talking about how much Charles loves to walk in his free time and revealed that he often leaves everybody behind because he is so far ahead. However, she did reveal that he draws the line at ballet classes, as he didn’t take part in the ‘Silver Swan’ classes that continued to go ahead throughout lockdown.

British Royal Family News: Charles Draws The Line At Ballet

Charles is a huge fan of attending the theatre, and has seen ballet and opera events throughout his life. However, Camilla admitted in the interview that he would never try ballet. But she continued to admit that he is a very ‘fit man. However, his days of walking around the fields could now be over as the royals have slowly returned back to public life.

Charles and Camilla were both seen over the weekend paying a visit to staff members of the NHS. The couple were on hand to thank them for their tireless work throughout the past couple of months. During the interview, Camilla spoke about the measures that were in place and how life as an active royal was different. She revealed that they can no longer shake hands with staff members and they must stand in a circle.

British Royal Family News: Couple Thanks NHS Staff Workers

The couple have seen the hard work of the NHS closer than most throughout lockdown, as Charles tested positive for the virus very early on. Charles and Camilla were forced to self-isolate away from each other for two weeks, as Charles tested positive, while Camilla tested negative.

They were reunited after heartwarming pictures of the couple were posted on social media. They were joined by their dogs in the pictures that were shared on social media. Camilla also revealed in the interview that her opinion on the internet has now come full-circle, as she revealed that it is ‘brilliant’.

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