TLC ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Chase Severino’s New Baby Changes Storyline

TLC ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ spoilers finds that viewers were not shocked to hear that Chase Severino and Whitney Thore had broken off their relationship. There were definite signs throughout their relationship that made a lot of people think that they were faking the whole storyline. With Whitney’s newest announcement, it seems that many fans of the show think they were right and the show is staged.

TLC ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Whitney Takes To Instagram

Just a few days ago,Whitney took to Instagram to explain to her fans what had happened and how she found out that Chase is now expecting a baby with another woman. She mentioned that this woman is someone from his past and that he has already had a relationship with her. For many fans of the show, this break up was something they already saw coming because they thought that TLC and Whitney had been frauding us all along. Fans really started to speculate when Chase and Whitney never finished their wedding page and that was months ago when they noticed. It does look like all of this was just for ratings.

TLC ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Spoilers: Chase Severino’s New Baby Changes Storyline

When these two met, it was through their mutual friend and they started dating immediately. Fans thought it was quick, but Whitney seemed happy. When the couple went on a road trip with their friends, that’s when fans really started to speculate on whether this relationship was real or being faked. The road trip that Whitney and Chase went on was very weird. The couple was so distant the entire time and even Whitney thought that after this trip, they were breaking up. It was evident on the show that they were off somehow. Just when we thought it was over for these two, they ended up somehow getting back on good terms and going to Paris together. That is when we saw Chase pop the question.

It still baffles fans about what made him change his mind. The mood and tone before the Paris trip was so strange and definitely made us all think that they were about to break up. So is this all faked and now that Chase is having a baby, the charade has to end? Many fans think that the two were never together in the first place and the pregnancy just tops it all off. On her Instagram, she wrote, “Chase and I are no longer engaged. Chase will be a father in October.” Chase also commented and told fans that he didn’t want any bad-mouthing coming his way or Whitney’s way.

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