Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Revenge, setbacks, and choices

Telemundo 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal there’s some good news for Alejandro Rivera (Macarena García) after all the recent trouble. However, there’s also a new obstacle in Alex’s path to balance things out. We also saw some more awesome revenge moves as well as Remedios Rivera (Mariana Treviño) under pressure. Let’s take a look at what happened, as well as what’s ahead tonight.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Win some, lose some

Starting out, Alex has had a rough time since he announced his transition from Alejandra to Alejandro. Another obstacle presented itself Friday. See, 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal Alex has always loved football. Now that he’s ready to fully assume a new identity as Alejandro, he also wants to get back to that love. Unfortunately, the school principal doesn’t like the idea. She’s still calling Alex “Alejandra” and using “she” when referring to Alex. This left Alex feeling defeated and resigned to accepting there will be certain things she’ll have to deal with. However, there’s also good news for Alex.

After the recent issues between Alex and Lucía Sandoval Blanco (Fernanda Urdapilleta), as well as the attack on Alex’s house, a lot of the students came together to show support. They all gathered at Alex’s house to show they care, and Lucia was one of them. While she’s still not sure about everything at this point, she cares about Alex and wants to be friends with him. Alex, meanwhile, shows how kind he is by being completely open to that.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Choose

Meanwhile, 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal Reme got put on the spot. Emiliano León (David Chocarro) is tired of feeling like Reme is using him as a place holder, to an extent. You know, in case things can’t be worked out between her and Max Barrios (Andrés Almeida). On Friday, he reaffirmed how he feels about this situation and all but implied that he doesn’t want to be kept on hold forever. So it looks like Reme will soon be forced to make a decision. We personally vote for Emilano, although we really hope she doesn’t pull a Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth, 90210) and “choose me.”

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Revenge is sweet

Finally, we have the highlight of the episode. Jimena Sosa (Sylvia Sáenz) and Aurora Villareal (Sofía Lama) proved how dangerous cheating can be. After basically drugging Luis Casas (Héctor Suárez Gomís) so he slept instead of them having a threesome, they played with his mind. When he woke, they claimed he’d fallen asleep on them, so they were forced to keep each other entertained. And things got wild. They even claimed there’s a video of the action, but he’ll only get to see it when he’s a good boy. We can’t. This is so awesomely hilarious and sick, and it’s just what this character was asking for.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Tonight

As for tonight’s episode, things will get awkward. Real awkward. Jimena and Aurora have been keeping the fact their kids share a father from them. In tonight’s episode, Susana Casas Sosa (Isabella Sierra) will overhear Nicolás “Nico” Casas Villareal (Andrés Pirela) calling Luis dad and she’ll wonder why. We can’t wait to see how they’ll handle this little issue. Also, Emiliano will get a visit from Reme tonight. Unfortunately, it will come at a horrible time, and we expect this to be one more obstacle between them.

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