Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Time to pay…

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Telemundo 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal things have not gotten any better for Alejandra Rivera (Macarena García). This time, Remedios Rivera (Mariana Treviño) becomes a weapon against Ale and this leads to a major act. Also, Jimena Sosa (Sylvia Sáenz) and Aurora Villareal (Sofía Lama) come across each other, while Reme is in a bad spot personally.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Fighting words

To begin, we know that Benjamín Flores (Gabriel Tarantini) has been a thorn in Ale’s side. The abuse she’s getting at school forced her to break things off with Lucía Sandoval Blanco (Fernanda Urdapilleta). Her sacrifice led to trouble for Lucía and tension between them. But Benjamín isn’t done yet. This time, he used Ale’s own mom against her.

100 días para enamorarnos spoilers reveal Reme now works at a diner, and Benjamín knows it. He took pictures and now a meme is going around all over school. He also taunted her about Reme being in search of another father for Ale. She had enough there. Ale jumped the guy, and a coach at school broke it up. And this is where we love this guy, and why we think a harder approach is sometimes better.

This guy was not having this in the school. He separated them, then brought them out to the track where they could all talk. When neither one would own up to starting the fight (or what it was about), he took a hard approach. He told them if they have energy to fight like that, they have energy to run the track until he tells them otherwise. We applaud you, coach! We feel bad for Ale, but Benjamín definitely deserved consequences.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Agreement

In other 100 días para enamorarnos spoilers, Luis Casas (Héctor Suárez Gomís) faced consequences of his own. While Jimena doesn’t see Aurora as a friend, they did come to an understanding when they ran into each other at school. Jimena gets that Aurora’s son needs to finish the school year and that Aurora isn’t to blame. They decided to team up to an extent.

Later in the episode, Jimena lured Luis to the house, then blindsided him with Aurora’s presence as well. Jimena made it clear she has no patience for what he did and he’s got to pay. The women decided he has to sign an agreement to provide for Aurora and their son, first. Then, they decided he should be the one to have the awkward conversation with their children when the time comes. We love it! And we can’t wait for what Jimena will do to him in court.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: Choices

Meanwhile, Reme looks to have a tough decision ahead. She’s got a two-man situation herself. She’s still legally married to Max Barrios (Andrés Almeida), although they are separated and she intends to divorce him. Meanwhile, there’s also Ale’s biological dad, Emiliano León (David Chocarro). They’re rekindling a relationship and Emiliano just gave her the key to his place. There’s one problem.

He doesn’t like that Max is still living in the house, and the fact the divorce isn’t final. Emiliano feels like she’s holding on to Max to a degree in case things don’t work out. At the same time, Max still wants to win her back and did everything possible Monday to spoil her and win some points.

Telemundo 100 Días Para Enamorarnos Spoilers: About tonight

As for tonight, Max will continue his quest. A clip from the promo shows him defending Reme at the diner. Meanwhile, Jimena will get hit on by Max’s bandmate and go for it. This has revenge fling written all over it, but we could also see her falling for the guy unexpectedly. Finally, we’ll also see Plutarco Cuesta (Erick Elías) in an awkward situation. His younger son will catch Plutarco kissing Gloria Cruz (Scarlet Ortiz).

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