Coronation Street Spoilers: Adam Barlow To Get Closer To Rick Neelan’s Wife As The Lawyer Tries To Find The Truth


Coronation Street spoilers have indicated that there could be potential trouble in paradise for Sarah Platt and Adam Barlow. The couple have only recently tied the knot, but there will be immediate pressure on their relationship after Adam decides that the best way to find out about Kelly Neelan’s and Gary Windass’ connection is by getting closer to Rick’s wife.

Adam and Imran Habeeb know that Gary is hiding something about Rick, as they know that he has been missing for over a year. Imran tried to find out something last night, but Kelly didn’t want to talk to him. Gary was looking on nervously as he knows that Kelly could be the key that breaks down his entire web of lies.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Adam Grows Closer To Laura

Adam has been hell-bent on making Gary pay for his crimes for the last couple of years. However, Gary has always been just too clever for Adam and Imran. However, they will become aware that something is strange between the relationship between Kelly and Gary and that Rick must have something to do with it.

All of the residents in Weatherfield know who Rick is, but only some are sceptical about where he has disappeared to. Adam will try and find out the truth over the coming weeks, and he follows Gary to Laura’s front door. Gary will hire a private investigator to find her as she has been missing for weeks after leaving Kelly in Weatherfield.

Coronation Street Spoilers: What Will Laura Do?

Laura hasn’t put the pieces together in this story yet, as she believes that Gary is working for Rick. However, it will only be a matter of time before she finds out that Rick is dead, and Gary will immediately look a whole lot more guilty.

Adam will see Laura in the café, and will immediately see this as his chance to find out some new information. He will try and seduce her, as he takes off his wedding ring before talking to Laura. But, will he be able to find out anything new that he could use to bring an end Gary’s tirade over the street.

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